Captain Marvel movie release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything you need to know

The Captain Marvel movie release date is rapidly approaching, as Marvel Studios attempts to do something they have never yet really managed and create their own smash hit female superhero movie.

Wonder Woman has been big for DC Comics for decades. She had her own television show at one point and also joined the Justice League, where she has regularly proved herself as a key member.

On paper, Captain Marvel is just as much of a superhero as Wonder Woman and should be able to stack up well against her.

The only real drawback for Marvel is that Wonder Woman has been at the center of pop culture for years while Captain Marvel hasn’t, so the studio is playing catch-up.

Black Widow went down well with fans, but she is no Carol Danvers, as Captain Marvel’s story, set to play out on the big screen in 2019, will reveal. If all goes well, Marvel and Disney may have a massive hit on their hands, as well as a superhero who will hopefully be around for many years to come.

It’s expected that the Captain Marvel movie plot will be used to set up opportunities for many more films.

She can exist almost entirely independently from all the other Marvel Comics characters used on screen thus far, with only minor links between her and them.

This would allow her to have several solo projects, as long as the studio wants to make them. To top it off, Captain Marvel exists inside a story arc that connects her to various alien planets and species, which means the excitement should never be far away for fans.

Captain Marvel movie cast (confirmed thus far)

Nick Fury and Agent Coulson will both appear in the Captain Marvel film, set in the 1990s. Pic Credit: Marvel/ ABC

Disney searched for some time to find the right woman to play the part of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. It was hard to find the right person as she had to fit the character in every way. This Captain Marvel movie cannot be overlooked in the superhero genre. It must be something that sets up an entirely new major character for Marvel and Disney. So, the right actress was crucial. They felt that Academy Award winner Brie Larson would be perfect for the role, and they might be right.

She is 28-years-old, which is the perfect age range for Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers. She’ll be 29 when the movie comes out, but anywhere near the 30 age range was crucial for the character as this was the age range most know her. Larson will be joined by Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg, who will both reprise their known Marvel roles for the movie. They’ll be joined by Ben Mendelsohn, Gemma Chan, Lee Pace, and Djimon Hounsou. Another Hollywood heavyweight in the film will be Jude Law.

Law will play the original Captain Marvel, but he’ll be going by the name of Mar-Vell. He’ll also have a regular name of Walter Lawson. Law will serve as both mentor and partial love interest for Carol Danvers in this origin story. A number of other cast members have been reported, but one strikes as the most intriguing. That would be Game of Thrones and The Good Doctor actor Chuku Modu. His role is not yet known, meaning we’ll likely see him take on a pretty big role that has to be set up.

It is likely he ends up playing a character known as The Beyonder. This character is major in Marvel’s Secret Wars, which is likely what will go down in Phase 4. Captain Marvel will serve as the ending of Phase 3, so a set-up for the 4th Phase makes a lot of sense. Beyonder has a similar look to Modu, and it makes a lot of sense he’d appear in the Captain Marvel movie in some capacity.

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have been picked to direct the film. This is the first time a man and woman have directed a Marvel film together, so it has made a lot of waves. Disney loved them, as they repeatedly impressed everyone at Marvel Studios and Disney for their vision of the character and where they want to take it. They gave them a near $120 million budget to work with too.

The Captain Marvel movie plot

Brie Larson in Kree suit
On-set photos of Brie Larson in her Kree-version suit. Pic Credit: Marvel Studios

Some people were likely confused when Sam Jackson and Clark Gregg were mentioned for the movie. However, everyone has to remember that Marvel is pulling a Warner Bros. here. Remember when Wonder Woman’s origin story went back in time to the World War II period? That is sort of the same thing you’ll see here with Captain Marvel. They’re going back to the 1990’s, however, and not World War II. Disney and Marvel like the idea, but they are not copycats – outside of that whole Deadpool thing.

Due to being in the 90’s, they are going to make good use of the freedom that this time offers. The story of what makes Carol Danvers a superhero likely will be set up perfectly in the Captain Marvel movie, but there is an easy bit of knowledge. Like Hal Jordan of Green Lantern fame, Carol is a pilot…a very good one. She is part of the United States Air Force due to her skill, but sadly, she suffers an accident which is technically a crash of sorts into another aircraft being flown by an alien being.

During this accident, she fuses DNA with the alien. This gives her superhuman strength, the power of flight, and energy projection among a number of other things. She initially struggles with the power and has to learn how to use it properly. This is why S.H.I.E.L.D. likely comes along. They have a habit of finding super-powered beings. The story revolves around Carol’s coping with new powers and the alien that she fused with, mostly connecting us to the Kree Empire.

The villains of the story, however, will be the Skrulls. They are mostly known for their ability to morph and look like anyone they so desire. In portions of the Secret Wars storyline, the Skrulls take various members of the world’s superheroes and replace them with Skrull clones. This is something we’ll likely see again down the line. As of now, the Skrull-Kree War storyline will be used in portions for the Captain Marvel movie. They’ll likely add this in spots as they did with the original stories used for the MCU.

Captain Marvel movie release date, training, and filming

Brie Larson flight training
Larson in flight training for her role as Carol Danvers, a pilot who becomes Captain Marvel. Pic Credit: Brad Baruh/ Marvel Studios

It was assumed Bre Larson was too young to come off as believable in a major role for a pilot, male or female. As mentioned, she is just 28. It did make some sense, as many of the top pilots in the U.S. Air Force tend to be mid-30’s or older and are career Air Force members…not ten-year veterans.

However, this was killed off when screenwriter Nicole Perlman spoke with the U.S. Air Force personally about this before completing the script. The professional pilots and military members claimed it was not out of the question for someone between the ages of 28-34 to actually be advanced enough to be in the position Carol Danvers finds herself in. For her part, Larson trained with airmen at the Nellis Air Force Base for nine months in preparation for the role. Talk about commitment.

The movie is expected to be out a few months before the Avengers 4 film, which Carol will also take part in and was teased at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. This will work similar to how Black Panther came out in February of this year, coincidentally the same as black history month. It made $1 Billion for the studio, and the new female heroine is expected to do well too.

So far, the release date is March 8, 2019. Though this is for the United States, and no other release date has been confirmed other than this one. Although the budget is high, it’s not so much due to the cast they hired. This will be a very space-heavy movie with multiple points where green/blue screens are needed, as well as a load of CGI. Prosthetics will be needed for multiple characters too. So, this will be given a huge treatment in order to turn out great for Disney and Marvel Studios.

The expectation, due to Black Panther doing so well, is that Captain Marvel’s movie could earn what the first Guardians of the Galaxy film did, and the studio is expecting at least $600 million at the box office. This would be considered a major success worthy of a second movie. However, if it goes as well as fans hope, it could see a billion just like Black Panther. Time will tell.

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