Bruni on Frozen 2: Why did Disney introduce another adorable animal?

Meet Bruni, the new Disney animal character from Frozen 2. Pic credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios/YouTube

Disney’s Frozen 2 will arrive in theaters soon. While the first movie was about Kristoff, Elsa, and Anna’s journey of self-discovery and the true meaning of love, the sequel to the immensely popular and surreal animated movie promises to be an epic adventure.

Disney has dropped a few trailers for Frozen 2 and they offer some clues about the storyline and plot. However, the latest trailer introduces another adorable and lovable creature.

In addition to the clever and helpful Sven the reindeer, Frozen 2 will have a small creature that could only be compared to Pascal, the chameleon that helps Rapunzel in the movie Tangled. The latest animal addition to the Disney universe is Bruni, a salamander.

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Is Disney drawing parallels with Tangled with Bruni in Frozen 2?

The latest trailer for Frozen 2, the sequel to the hit Disney animated movie, landed this week, and fans are excited about the hints about the plot, storyline, and a new and adorable animal addition to the ever-growing Disney universe. The latest animal that Disney has introduced is called Bruni. It is a salamander that will instantly remind Disney movies’ fans about Pascal from Tangled.

Frozen 2 | Official Trailer 2

Tangled is a movie that focuses on a princess who has been taken away from her rightful home by a witch who wants to stay young forever. There are several parallels or similarities between Frozen and Tangled, at least as far as animals are concerned. While Tangled had Maximus, the royal steed, Frozen has Sven, the loyal reindeer.

With the latest trailer and Bruni, Disney has added a cute and cuddly salamander that’s similar to Pascal. They are small creatures that fit in your palm. They do not speak but can convey important messages. Most importantly, they can serve to help the damsel in distress.

The second official trailer of Frozen 2 clearly indicates the plot involves an enchanted forest, an area that became forbidden for humans following something terrible that occurred a long time ago. In all likelihood, it was a war between those who dwelled in the forest and those who resided in King Agnarr’s kingdom.

As the trailer proceeds, it becomes apparent that Anna and Elsa gain entry into the enchanted forest. It is not clear if they are granted entry or if Elsa’s ancestry is the key that unlocks the gate to the secluded area filled with magic, wizardry, and mystical creatures.

The trailer also hints that danger befalls on Elsa’s kingdom, and her father, the king, is not there to restore order. Hence, it is up to Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, along with Olaf and Sven, to venture into the enchanted forest and somehow protect the kingdom.

It is quite possible that Bruni, the salamander, helps the gang from the kingdom gain entry into the enchanted forest and assists in navigating. Bruni could also help ensure the team isn’t perceived as a threat and outright eliminated. Incidentally, the Frozen 2 trailer also hints at several new monsters and magical creatures that are likely protecting the enchanted forest from intruders and nosy travelers.

Bruni is obviously drawn to Elsa’s icy magic. And according to Disney, “enjoys the cool snowflake treats she creates.” Disney also describes Bruni as “Curious and cute.” The salamander inhabits the enchanted forest, and is “shy at first.” Simply put, she could be the ideal “friend on the inside” for Elsa that helps her try and communicate with the dwellers of the enchanted forest.

Disney’s Frozen 2 to introduce new human characters as well

In addition to Bruni, Frozen 2 will have a few important character additions, including Yelena, the unspoken leader of the nomadic Northuldran, and siblings Honeymaren and Ryder. While Honeymaren is an expert in magic and wants peace, her brother is quite similar to Kristoff. He is always up for an adventure beyond the borders of the enchanted forest.

It is quite likely that Bruni from Frozen 2 could soon be available as a toy just like Oaf and Sven, but the animation giant hasn’t confirmed that yet. Frozen 2 lands in theaters on November 22.

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