Brazen spoilers explained: Who killed Kathleen?

Sam Page as Ed, Matthew Finlan as Jerald, Malachi Weir as Ben, Lossen Chambers as Stacey, Alyssa Milano as Grace in Brazen.
Sam Page as Ed, Matthew Finlan as Jerald, Malachi Weir as Ben, Lossen Chambers as Stacey, Alyssa Milano as Grace in Brazen. Pic credit: Sergei Bachlakov/Netflix

Fans of mystery will instantly recognize the name, Nora Roberts. Netflix’s new thriller (one of many) Brazen starring the outspoken Alyssa Milano is based on her novel Brazen Virtue. And just like the stories from the well-known mystery maven, the story onscreen will suck viewers in.

Grace Miller (Alyssa Milano) doesn’t expect her real life, and the life of her mystery novel characters to overlap in the heartbreaking way they do.

Unfortunately, her sister Kathleen (Emilie Ullerup) has a drug issue, but is that what got her killed? Or is it the custody battle she’s about to fight with her rich and well-connected ex-husband, Jonathan (David Lewis), who is also accused of financial fraud? Or is it someone completely different?

Here is the answer to who killed Kathleen in the Netflix movie Brazen.

What happens in Brazen on Netflix?

Kathleen is living 2 lives. One as a teacher and one as an online dominatrix for a site called Fantasy Inc. While Grace is on a date with Ed Jennings (Sam Page) a well-known homicide investigator, trying to get ideas for her novel, Kathleen stays home. Neither Grace nor Ed expects what they find when they get home, which is Kathleen’s dead body. Ed and his partner Ben (Malachi Weir) fight to take the case.

This isn’t the only case that they will be taking on, however, when Carol Hayes,(Mitra Suri) another Fantasy Inc artist is also murdered.

After the funeral, Grace finds a card that implies it’s from the killer. Was it from the killer? Whoever killed Kathleen makes a mistake that seems simple but will ultimately get him caught. He accidentally calls Carol Hayes, the other murdered woman, Desiree.

Ultimately, the police trace the note and the flowers sent as being from Rand Morgan, one of Kathleen’s students. But he denies ever sending the flowers. There’s one other problem, Rand Morgan is gay and appears to have no motive to murder the Fantasy Inc women. He does, however, suspect another classmate, Jerald Baxter who he claims was obsessed with Desiree.

In the midst of this, the killer strikes again and goes after Bethany Knowles. But she fights back and survives. Her survival could be the clue to discovering who murdered Kathleen when she reveals that she is shocked by how youthful the killer appears to be.

Grace decides she’s going to play the role of Desiree and see if she can lure the killer. But does it work? There are so many suspects.

But who killed Kathleen in Brazen?

Ultimately, it was both lives that got Kathleen killed. Her student Jerarld Baxter killed Kathleen. But why? Ultimately it was because, he had mommy issues, and when Kathleen didn’t live up to who he thought she needed to be, he decided she had to die.

This decision would ultimately cost him his life when he goes after Grace and threatens to shoot Ed who catches him in the act.

It’s quite the ride but Brazen is definitely worth watching.

Brazen is now streaming on Netflix.

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