Booksmart: Does it have after credits scenes?

Amy and Molly in Booksmart
Booksmart: Does the film have after credits scenes? Pic credit: United Artists Releasing

Booksmart, a teen coming-of-age comedy hit theaters on May 24, with Olivia Wilde making her directorial debut.

The film follows two high school seniors and best friends Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstein) and has been compared to classic coming-of-age teen movies such as American Graffiti and Dazed and Confused.

If you are planning to see the movie and are wondering whether it has after credits scenes or extra scenes during the credits, here are the answers to your questions, plus a plot summary.

Does the movie have after credits scenes?

There are no after credits scenes, but after the credits, we hear George (Noah Galvin) and Alan (Austin Crute) singing their graduation song.

Does the film have extra scenes during the credits?

The credits include scenes shot in slow-motion which show people throwing water balloons at the main cast members faces. Polaroid pics of the cast show up next, and some viewers speculated the water-filled balloons were condoms.

What is Booksmart about? (spoilers)

Booksmart follows Amy and Molly, two girls who took their studies a bit too seriously so they could get into the best colleges.

They friends fear they might have missed out on all the high school fun for nothing when Molly hears some of her classmates poking fun at of her, saying that life isn’t all about school and studying.

These girls all got into the same college despite having fun too. Molly is upset and tells Amy she regrets missing out on the fun side of high school. However, she thinks it isn’t too late to make up for their lost time before graduation.

Molly convinces Amy they can begin to catch up on the fun they missed by going to Nicks end-of-the-year party.

The pair end up moving from one party to the next as they try to cram all the four years of fun they missed into one crazy and chaotic night. However, the stress of the mishaps they experience tests the bond of their relationship.

Booksmart is in theaters now.

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