Black Christmas trailer released: Holiday horror remake coming this Christmas

Black Christmas
Aleyse Shannon as Kris in Black Christmas, co-written and directed by Sophia Takal. Pic credit: Universal Pictures

A new remake of Black Christmas is coming this December and Universal Pictures just released a new trailer for the holiday horror movie.

Here is a look at the new trailer, and it looks like the new Black Christmas is very different from the original, as well as the terrible remake that hit in 2005.

Here is the Black Christmas synopsis:

Just in time for the holidays comes a timely take on a cult horror classic as a campus killer comes to face a formidable group of friends in sisterhood.

The movie takes place at Hawthorne College where a group of sorority sisters (Imogen Poots, Lily Donoghue, Aleyse Shannon, Brittany O’Grady) face a serial killer who is ruining their Christmas spirit.

As the body count rises, they try to figure out who they can trust as they take the battle back on the killer head-on.

Sophia Takal (Always Shine) directs from a script she wrote with April Wolfe (Widower). Jason Blum (Halloween, Get Out) produces for his Blumhouse Productions.

This trailer and the synopsis sounds very different from the original movie, released in 1974.

That original movie was directed by Bob Clark (A Christmas Story) and starred Margot Kidder (Superman). It followed a serial killer hiding in a sorority house and killing the girls who stayed behind over Christmas break.

In some interesting trivia, Halloween was supposed to be the sequel to Black Christmas before it ended up its own entity surrounding a babysitter killer instead.

A remake came in 2006 from Dimension that was terrible. The original sits at 71% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes while the remake in 2006 is certified rotten at 15%. The remake was also a commercial failure, finishing with $16 million in the U.S. and $21.5 million worldwide.

This new version gives Hollywood a chance to finally do the Black Christmas remake right.

Here is the movie’s poster and one-sheet:

Black Christmas
Black Christmas movie. Pic credit: Universal
Black Christmas
Black Christmas movie. Pic credit: Universal

Black Christmas hits theaters on December 13.

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