10 Reasons The Hunger Games Is Better Than Twilight

The Hunger Games and Twilight are completely different types of books/movies, and they are both incredibly popular. But the big question is — which is better. Are you ‘Team Gale and Peeta”, or “Team Edward and Jacob”? It’s time to put the Hunger Games versus Twilight debate to rest once and for all…

The Top 10 Reasons The Hunger Games is better than Twilight

10 It’s far more realistic

The Hunger Games, as frightening and violent as it is, could potentially happen in a future apocalyptic world. It gives a scary lesson in human nature, and how greedy and out-of-control government can become with too much power. Twilight on the other hand is about a high school girl falling head over heels for a vampire. Oh yes, and she turns away the love of the super-hot werewolf. Yep, not realistic! You have about as much chance of falling in love with a sparkly vampire as you do of taming a rainbow unicorn and riding it off into fairy land.


It’s got more style

The Hunger Games’ clothing is far more fashionable than Twilight. You might see Effie Trinket’s styles at New York Fashion Week. But, the drab cold weather boots and plaid flannel shirts of Twilight are just boring. Yes, obviously Twilight is set in Washington State and it’s flipping cold there most of the time! But, just a bit of style wouldn’t hurt. Bella even wore tennis shoes with her prom dress. Come on!

8 The heroines in The Hunger Games would kick Bella Swan’s butt with no weapons, and tracker-jacker delirium

Katniss could easily take Bella down with no trouble. However, so could Prim, Rue, Foxface, Effie, Wiress, and Mags. Heck, even poor dead Annie Cresta could probably come back from the dead and beat Bella. Bella shows young girls that they should weakly and blindly follow their sweetheart, no matter how doomed the relationship. Whether good or bad characters, the females in The Hunger Games are strong women.

7 Katniss is just more likeable allround than Bella

Sometimes she smiles. Sometimes she is sarcastic. Sometimes she’s funny. And, always she is beautiful and strong. Bella is less likeable. Her face is always gloomy, even when she’s in love. She pouts and whines and follows a vampire around like a hopeless groupie. Bella is a beautiful character, but she just doesn’t have Katniss’ personality and charm.

6 Katniss’ devotion and selflessness

Katniss gives up everything for her sister and risks her own safety for those she cares about. After the death of her father, she provides for her family while she is still a child. Bella was an annoying character in Twilight. The only fight she really showed was when she was pregnant with Edward’s baby. Before that, her character showed nothing that the audience could really admire.

5 It has hotter guys

Yes, Twilight had some good-looking actors with Edward and Jacob, but Peeta and Gale have looks, personality, and humor. They’re a trifecta of perfection! And, Peeta and Gale don’t come with weird supernatural powers to deal with either. Do you really want to fall in love with a guy who sparkles more than you and has red lips, or one that smells like a dog? Nope, Peeta and Gale win this one hands down!

4 The Hunger Games has amazing talent

Woody Harrelson, Lenny Kravitz, Donald Sutherland, and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman…these actors give amazing depth to the film series. They are more than just eye candy, they give substance to their roles. The actors and actresses in Twilight are good, but just not on the same level.

3 It brings out emotions

The Hunger Games is an emotional roller coaster in the best possible way. Emotions of love, lust, sadness, humor, fear, and anger, are just a few. After watching The Hunger Games, you’re exhausted from all the emotion. The characters portray these feelings in a way the audience can identify with. The emotions in Twilight are very superficial and immature. You certainly feel the love and lust between Bella, Jacob, and Edward, but little else. Even the scenes that should be frightening or sad are just surface emotions.

2 If you get up to pee during Twilight, you haven’t missed much

Maybe the werewolves and vampires were fighting again. Or, maybe vampires were running really fast and climbing trees. It’s also possible that Bella was whining about not being able to choose what she wants to do with her life. Same stuff every time. You could probably go to the bathroom, stop at the concession stand, run to your car for a jacket, and not miss enough plot twists to be lost. However, with The Hunger Games, you’re going to wait to go to the bathroom. Nothing is going to make you want to leave your seat. Not even buttery popcorn.

1 Imprinting

It’s just weird. And is one of the main reasons that The Hunger Games is better than Twilight. Peeta and Gale are only going to love Katniss. Never Katniss’s future infant daughter…or Prim, or her mom, or her cat. When a guy (who happens to be a werewolf) supposedly is madly in love with you, but falls in love with your infant daughter, you should probably get away…fast! Probably call law enforcement too. Nope, imprinting in Twilight was just too weird of a plot twist. It’s probably a good thing they saved it till the last book.

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