Woman tries quitting her toxic job but her boss doesn’t ‘accept’ her resignation

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A Reddit user asked for help when quitting her job. Pic Credit: @MsCheesyDip/Reddit

What would you do if you tried to quit your job – but your boss refused to accept your resignation?

That’s the case for a young woman on Reddit who admits she’s at her wits end with her job.

She shared a Reddit post seeking advice from the general public about her predicament.

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Her boss refuses to sign the resignation letter, and she’s concerned about the legal implications that will come along if she leaves the job anyway.

When she tried to quit, it turned into a “nightmarish discussion” with the person in charge of her company.

Redditors have been responding in droves to her situation to provide her with solid insight and advice.

Can you get sued for quitting a job?

The Redditor who posted her story online asked if she could get sued for ditching the job after her two-week notice concludes.

She offered her boss a physical resignation letter, but her boss wouldn’t sign it or even take it.

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A Reddit user asked for help. Pic credit: @McCheesyDip/Reddit

She mentioned that since she’s in her 20s with bosses who are several decades older, they don’t believe she understands what true stress is.

From her perspective, she’s being overworked, underpaid, and pushed to the point of becoming completely overwhelmed.

On top of handling bookkeeping and payroll tasks, she’s been forced to fix plumbing, clean the office space, and so much more.

One Redditor responded saying, “You can walk out right now and never show up again. There is nothing she can do to keep you there.”

Someone else added, “I would just leave now because I’ll bet dollars to donuts she’ll give a bad reference anyway. Two weeks’ notice is a courtesy, not a legal requirement.”

Another user joined the conversation to say, “They don’t own you. You can leave at anytime for any reason and they have to pay you any… remaining salary owed.”

Reddit Comments
Reddit users comment to help a poster. Pic credit: @Lord_Cheesy_Beans/Reddit

Social media users support the woman in quitting

The young woman explained in her original post that her boss attempted to guilt-trip her into staying in the position.

When the Redditor explained that she wanted to leave the job to focus on her family, her boss dared to tell her quitting for that reason wasn’t valid enough.

Other Redditors believe this young woman has been taken advantage of. They’ve taken the time to spell that out to her in the comment section.

Others are reminding her that since she lives in an at-will state, she should feel comfortable in her decision to walk out without turning back.

Sympathetic reminders that the Redditor shouldn’t allow her boss to manipulate her are also spread throughout the comment section. The Redditor hasn’t posted an update about the situation as of this publication.

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