Tips for the most successful Galentine’s Day party in 2024

tiktoks about galentine's day from two creators
Two TikTokers break down thoughtful Galentine’s Day tips. Pic credit: @nylah.akua/TikTok and

Whether you’re riding solo on Valentine’s Day or you have a romantic partner, Galentine’s Day is still worth celebrating.

Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation coined the term Galentine’s Day.

Now, the holiday is celebrated annually by women across America.

Ladies who want to bond with their besties can do so any day of the year – but it feels a little more special on Valentine’s Day.

This national holiday is generally directed towards romantic love, but platonic love also deserves its time to shine.

Here are a few awesome tips TikTokers have posted for successful Valentine’s Day parties in 2024.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style

TikToker @Nylah.Akua shared a video breaking down some top-notch tips for a blissful Galentine’s celebration.

Her first step? Decorate your space with gorgeous trinkets that are aesthetically pleasing.


Im in my hsoting era!! Celebrating glaentines is such a fun & loving way to connect with your girlies 🎀🤍🌸🌷#galentinesday #galentinesparty #galentines2023 #hostingtips #blackgirltiktok

♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

In the video, she showed off some heart-shaped balloons, heart-shaped table placemats, and more.

Her second tip is to create a signature drink recipe. Find out if your guests prefer sipping on real cocktails or if they’d prefer mocktails without any hard liquor.

Nylah’s third tip is to provide a main entrée. Consider popular entrées like tacos, pizza, pasta, or baked chicken.

Next, she says it’s crucial to set a dress code theme. Should everyone be dressed for a pajama party? Should they all arrive in 50s flapper apparel?

Maybe everyone should be dressed up in costumes of icons like Britney Spears or Taylor Swift! Be creative.

Make things easier on yourself by asking your guests to bring something to share. She suggests having guests bring veggie platters, cupcake platters, or other tasty treats to lighten your load.

Nylah’s next piece of advice is to play interactive games with everyone. Interactive games will start conversations among your group so everyone remains entertained and engaged.

Her last step is to settle on a memorable activity. Arrange something fun and pleasant for everyone to try – like cake decorating.

Additional Galentine’s Day ideas

TikToker @GirlAdvice.Com shared a separate video covered in suggestions for a fabulous Galentine’s celebration.

She says you should consider having a spa day done by professionals or playing pool games while swimming with your crew.

Next, she suggests making a reservation at a fancy restaurant or enjoying a shopping spree with your besties.

Another idea on her list is to enjoy a movie marathon with tons of snacks, get into the kitchen for some baking, or go shopping for matching Pandora charms.

Her final idea is to get dolled up with your friends to film silly TikToks or take gorgeous photos together.

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