TikTokers slam bridesmaid for wearing white to her best friend’s wedding

Bride exposes bridesmaid for wearing white dress.
Bride goes viral after bridesmaid wears a white dress. Pic credit: @luize.johanna/TikTok

It’s common knowledge that the bride is the only person who’s meant to wear white at a wedding.

It’s a tale as old as time. This common and beloved tradition has been around for centuries.

Even if a white wedding dress doesn’t symbolize true virginity or purity anymore, it’s still deemed off-limits to wedding guests.

Along with wedding guests, wearing white is also considered unacceptable for bridesmaids – unless the bride allows it.

TikToker @Luize.Johanna shared a video highlighting the fact that her one and only bridesmaid broke this cardinal rule.

Concerned TikTokers have flooded her comment section in solidarity to share their frustrations.

Bridesmaid wearing white?

In Luize’s TikTok video, she starts by revealing her silky white wedding dress and lush flower bouquet.

The messiness takes flight with her on-screen text block that says, “When your only bridesmaid wears white to your wedding.”


We agreed she was going to wear a purple dress, but she still decided to betray me. She ruined my wedding day and my husband called me dramatic😕 #fakefriend #wedding #weddingfail #drama #sad

♬ som original – naty

She then films her bridesmaid, also wearing an elegant white dress with a shimmery finish.

Her bridesmaid seems completely aloof and unbothered by the fact that she’s gone against such an honored tradition.

The nonchalant bridesmaid is seen applying lipstick in front of a desk-sized mirror without offering acknowledgment to the bride for the matching white dress fiasco.

To make matters worse, Luize added a text caption explaining that they’d previously reached an agreement about dress colors before the wedding day.

Luize says, “We agreed she was going to wear a purple dress, but she still decided to betray me.”

She said, “She ruined my wedding day, and my husband called me dramatic,” with a frowning face emoji.

Luize added a couple of hashtags, including #FakeFriend and #WeddingFail. The viral song, she said, couldn’t have fit the scenario better, either.

She cropped in Taylor Swift’s “The Great War” using the lyrics, “Somewhere in the haze, got a sense I’d been betrayed.”

This particular song from Taylor has been used by thousands of TikTokers highlighting their own experiences of betrayal on the video-sharing app.

Social media are furious over this.

Luize’s video has raked in more than 99,500 likes from people who are enraged over her situation.

Some social media users have gotten creative with their game plans regarding what they’d personally do if they were ever placed in a similar situation.

One person wrote, “At my wedding, I will hire a girl with red wine at all times.”

TikTok comments from angry users over wedding dress
TikTokers leave comments about wedding dress drama. Pic credit: @luize.johanna/TikTok

Other people are more focused on Luize’s husband, calling her dramatic for getting upset.

Someone took it as far as to say, “Should [have] called off the wedding if your husband said that. Would [have] dodged a bullet.”

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