TikToker lies about having a disease to escape a dreadful first date kiss request

Woman vents about her terrible date.
TikToker comes clean about bad date. Pic credit: @megihebeja/TikTok

Have you ever had a first date experience that was absolutely dreadful? Some dates are irredeemable.

Plenty of people have a fair share of horror stories to tell about the modern dating world.

TikToker @MegIhebeja posted a video breaking down the details of the worst date she personally ever endured.

Fortunately, the date she’s referring to happened when she was in high school during her teenage years.

It was traumatic enough to stick with her, though, which is why she posted about it on social media as an adult.

Meg’s comment section is full of notes from other women who found her story alarming and hilarious.

A tragic first date experience

In her TikTok video, Meg explains that her date took her to Chick-fil-A, where he ordered some fries.

He then claimed he forgot his wallet at home, forcing her to pay.


I wonder which lucky coke bottle is with him nowadays #grwm #grwmroutine #storytime #worstdateever

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While they were sitting across from each other at Chick-fil-A — splitting the serving of fries — she started feeling nauseous.

According to Meg, she gets seriously nauseous every time awkward moments play out in her life.

She briefly excused herself to throw up in the Chick-fil-A bathroom because the anxiety he caused her was too overwhelming.

When she returned from the bathroom, he asked, “Are you okay, my little Coke bottle?”

The unnecessary nickname from him instantly turned her off – more than she already was.

Another annoying moment that happened along the way? He dropped a cliché and stereotypical compliment about her eyes.

He said her eyes looked complementary to the leaves of the fall season. She was totally dismissive of the remark since her eyes are brown.

Faking a disease

Meg was ready to dip on the date after realizing there wasn’t any chemistry between them.

After he drove her home, he boldly asked her for a kiss. To avoid dealing with his request, she told him she had a disease.

As soon as Meg was out of his vehicle, she blocked him on everything. This includes his phone number and social media profiles.

Meg’s video has pulled in more than 10,900 likes from people who potentially resonate with her dreadful first date horror story.

TikTokers comment about terrible date.
TikTok comments about the bad date. Pic credit: @megihebeja/TikTok

One person wrote, “You have so many unfortunate stories” with a couple of crying face emojis.

Someone else added, “OMG. Well, I hope you get better dates now.”

To that, Meg responded, “My boyfriend takes me on only the best dates now! Grateful.”

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