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Lego 71044 Disney train coming in September 2019 with mobile app capabilities

first look at new lego 71044 disney train and station set
The new LEGO Disney Train and Station set which arrives in September of 2019. Pic credit: @lego/Instagram

A brand new LEGO set will bring the magic of Disney and technology to kids, collectors, and spectators. The new LEGO 71044 Disney Train and Station is coming in September of this year and looks to be an amazing set. However, it comes at a price for those who want to build and enjoy it.

New LEGO 71044 Disney train features

The new LEGO Disney Train set features an iconic location inspired from the Disney parks. It’s a relatively large set overall as it includes nearly 3,000 pieces to work with (2,925 to be exact). In addition, there are five exclusive minifigures as part of the LEGO 71044 set. The characters are Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy, as well as Chip & Dale.

The official Lego Instagram (@lego) posted the following picture to show off a preview of the new set, inspired by the real-life train stations from Disney’s parks.

The train station includes a number of cool aspects such as a ticket counter, cafe corner, and other key details. There are also flags on top of the station bearing the Disney name and iconic Mickey Mouse ears logo.

The train includes a “steam-style locomotive” along with tender, passenger car, and parlor car brining the full length to 30-inches. There are also 16 pieces of train track to complete the set. Swipe through the Instagram carousel below to check out different views of the set.

Just the look of this set on its own is impressive with the Disney-inspired station and colorful train. However, another feature that really makes this set fun will be its mobile app compatibility. Basically, with the iOS or Android app, owners can operate the train at the tap of a finger.

This smartphone technology is available because of the LEGO Powered Up Hub that’s part of the train. In addition to operating the train’s movement, it controls sound effects as well. That added feature also probably adds a bit to the price tag for the upcoming LEGO 71044 set.

Disney LEGO Train cost and release date

According to LEGO, it’s going to cost $329.99 to buy their brand new LEGO Disney Train and Station. Despite a high price tag, there are likely to be those Mickey Mouse and Disney fans out there who just have to have it. Here’s the look at the official box for the upcoming Disney Train and Station set, which will be appropriate for ages 12-and-up.

As far as an official release date, the new Disney Train and Station set arrives in LEGO stores on September 1. However, VIP members have a launch of August 21 to get this new set even earlier. Interested collectors or buyers can stay updated at the LEGO website, with the 71044 set listing here.

It joins previous Disney LEGO collaborations such as the 750-piece Steamboat Willie Ideas Kit and a Collectible Minifigure series. The latter of these included 18 different “fan-favorite” characters from Disney such as black and white Mickey and Minnie, Uncle Scrooge, and his nephews.

It should be interesting to see which other sets inspired by the Magic Kingdom and all the wonders of the parks arrive in the future!

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