Is it too early for Christmas music?

Santa and Scrooge
Does hearing Christmas songs at the start of November make you feel jolly, or are you a Scrooge?

Fa la la la lousy!!!!!!! Some grumpy types are calling foul this morning after finding out that — gasp — Christmas music is trilling from their SiriusXM channels. Nooo!

It’s true, I woke up still in my cowboy costume hung over from a night of devouring the good chocolate candy I hid from the trick or treaters, expecting to squeeze a few more ticks out of Halloween by hitting up Sirius’ Scream Radio channel…only to hear, “this channel is currently not on the air,” WTH?

A quick scan showed the hysteria sweeping social media to be true: a flood of Yuletide channels sprinkled like crumbled Christmas cookies throughout the SiriusXM menu: Country Christmas, Contemporary Holiday Hits, Timeless Christmas Music, Traditional Christmas. Something for everyone, even Pastafarians!

Is nothing sacred? I’m still trying to wrangle out of my cowboy boots the morning after the night before when all of a sudden we fast forward to Christmas? Not to mention it’s 90 degrees in Southern California, not a snowflake in sight. I still have to figure out who not to invite for Thanksgiving, it’s too early to think about ugly Christmas sweater contests.

And so the internet is divided between the holly jolly folks who keep the Christmas lights up all year and the humbugs who think Christmas music should start at exactly 12:01 am the day after Thanksgiving.

Personally I think waking to joyful Christmas tunes belting from the radio on the day I find smashed pumpkin guts all up and down the street to be a lovely reminder not to strangle the neighborhood goblins who got their tricks on after I went to bed.

What’s wrong with getting into the Christmas spirit a little early? You know, “Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men?”

After all you don’t have to actually listen to, say, Acoustic Christmas, ‘70s/’80s Holidays, Jazz Holidays, Holiday Chill Out. I mean, you don’t have to buy what SiriusXM is selling, oh wait, you already have. What I mean is, stay the heck away from those eggnog flavored channels and stick to your favorites.

Wait a minute, Darius Rucker is on my country station rhapsodizing about a Winter Wonderland? Didn’t he used to be Hootie? I’m sorry but twin fiddles and a steel guitar just don’t make me merry. On second thought, whose idea was this anyway?

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