TikToker slams Hinge dating app for its toxic algorithm

TikToker vents about using Hinge
TikToker complains about Hinge dating app. Pic credit: @hopeyoufindyourdad / TikTok

Hinge is a dating app claiming a better reputation than all its competitors.

When you compare Hinge to alternatives like Tinder and Bumble, plenty of singles may assume they’ll have better luck in their search for love.

The reality of Hinge is that it might not benefit users considered more conventionally attractive.

TikToker @hopeyoufindyourdad, also known as Andra, stitched a video breaking down while Hinge has become so detrimental.

The video she stitched came from another user named Cecilia Fales, who mentioned the way Hinge lowers the confidence levels of its users.

According to Andra, Hinge’s algorithm is way more problematic than anyone might’ve ever guessed.

Hinge’s algorithm keeps attractive people hidden

Andrea describes Hinge as the “worst dating app on the market right now,” based on one common complaint from folks who have downloaded it.

While using Hinge, she feels like she doesn’t end up with “attractive” matches.

From her perspective, this is a bit weird because it’s easy for her to match with attractive people when using Tinder or Bumble.

She says the creators of Hinge place their most attractive users behind a firewall. This action encourages others to pay for premium memberships to get past that firewall.

Once you upgrade to a premium membership on Hinge, you can finally send animated roses to the people you’re interested in to instigate a conversation.

When you haven’t paid for premium membership, it’s not possible to dole out animated roses to anyone.

While using the free version of Hinge, you’re often stuck coming across profiles of people you wouldn’t ordinarily match with.

Hinge’s premium package isn’t worth it, either

The algorithms on Tinder and Bumble aren’t comparable to Hinge because those apps function on a swiping system.

When Tinder and Bumble users swipe right on each other, they’re automatically free to engage in conversation.

Andra says she experimented with Hinge’s premium package for one month to see if she would achieve better results in her search for love.

She claims the upgrade wasn’t worth it in the slightest! From her perspective, using Hinge on a premium level was just as disappointing and uneventful.

Her comment section is full of people who can resonate with her frustration and exasperation.

One person wrote, “I’ve deleted Hinge 5 times and it never got any better.“

Someone else added, “Hinge has given me nothing but emotional damage.“

Negative comments about Hinge on TikTok
Negative comments about Hinge on TikTok. Pic credit: @hopeyoufindyourdad/TikTok

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