Dating coach reveals 5 crucial tips for the early stages of a relationships

Dating coach shares five gems of advice.
Dating coach offers tips on TikTok. Pic credit: @itsamymillie/TikTok

Seeking a happy and healthy romantic relationship is totally normal if you’re single.

Fortunately, there are tons of dating coaches to absorb solid advice from these days.

Dating can be complicated, tricky, and mysterious if you don’t know how to approach things.

Rather than ending up heartbroken because things keep falling apart with each new person who comes along, taking dating advice to heart could be a game-changer.

TikToker and dating coach @ItsAmyMillie has a lot to say about this burning topic of conversation.

She’s got five important tips that everyone should remember during the early stages of a new relationship.

Five tips when your relationship is brand new

According to Amy, everyone should acknowledge the bare minimum for what it is and nothing more.

You shouldn’t be impressed by seeing your partner exhibit basic levels of kindness, respect, or anything else that’s considered bare minimum etiquette in a new relationship.

Her second tip is to maintain a healthy level of skepticism. Instead of falling into patterns of being overly trusting with someone too quickly, it’s okay to take your time and stay levelheaded.

If you don’t know who they are on a deeper level yet, take the time to learn how they function before unloading all your secrets.

Amy’s third tip is to understand that the beginning stages of new relationships tend to be ambiguous, unpredictable, and anxiety-inducing.

Don’t judge yourself too harshly for going through these rough emotions. Be patient with yourself as you navigate.

Her fourth tip is that you shouldn’t feel pressured to prove your worth or value to anyone you’re dating.

From her perspective, it’s not necessary to prove you’re “good enough” to anyone who comes along.

Self-love is something you must master on your own, whether you’re in the dating arena or not.

Her fifth and final tip is to remind yourself that red flags will rarely ever feel like red flags in a new relationship.

It’s crucial to be honest with yourself and your expectations so you don’t turn a blind eye to any red flags your new partner might be exhibiting.

She explains that even though your mind may lie to you, your body never will.

In other words, any guttural reactions you have of discomfort around a person should never be ignored or neglected.

Amy’s comment section is full of people who appreciate her well-rounded and insightful advice.

Comments about dating coach sharing five gems of advice.
Dating coach offers tips on TikTok and commenters respond. Pic credit: @itsamymillie/TikTok

One person wrote, “I’m still in the first month of a new relationship, I didn’t know I needed this, thankyou.”

Someone else added, “This is the exact stuff I needed today. 2 years of healing and I’m finally learning to trust again.”

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