TikToker exposes ‘appalling’ resort in Cancun with fake booking photos

TikToker complains about cancun resort
A TikToker possibly exposed a resort. Pic credit: @ErineAufraiche/TikTok

Planning an upcoming vacation is supposed to be fun and exciting for people with wanderlust.

Narrowing down options and deciding on Cancun gives travelers much to look forward to and get excited about.

Although Cancun is recognized as a gorgeous city in Mexico with beautiful beaches, powdery white sand, and vibrant coral reefs, some resorts aren’t worthy of having guests.

TikToker @ErineAufraiche shared a video opening up about what she claims was the worst resort experience she recently had in Cancun.

The block text caption at the top of her video boldly says, “Do not stay at this resort in Cancun!”

According to this brutally honest TikToker, her time at this particular spot was a total ‘scam’. These are the details.

Cancun resort gets brutal review

Erin started her video by explaining that the power at the resort was turned off for more than 10 hours straight.

She scanned over the balcony area with her camera to reveal the dirty hot tub with a weakly rumbling motor.


I’ve stayed in cleaner motels for 1/10th of the price. This place is a scam and I’m disputing it on my credit card 😭 #vacationfail #cancunmexico #vacationnightmare

♬ original sound – Erin

She claims she asked the hotel employees if they’d come to clean it multiple times. Even though they agreed to, apparently they never made it happen.

After that, Erin showed off the curtains hanging up in the hotel room, which she described as “gross and moldy”.

The curtains shown in her video, which were supposed to be pure white, were covered in unsightly streaks of mold, dust, and grime.

When she used her camera to scan over the hotel room’s ceiling, many small bugs were scattered across it.

After walking down the hotel’s spooky-looking staircase to get outside, Erin showed how the ocean edge lapped up directly on the building, leaving minimal space to lay out on the sand.

At lunch, she showed her followers the plate of chicken nuggets that she couldn’t finish because the mean on the inside of the breading was, according to her, a shade of gray.

Boyfriend gets upset stomach

After she and her boyfriend tried to fall asleep, she says her boyfriend woke up in the middle of the night with horrible diarrhea — allegedly affected by something he ate at the resort.

In frustration, she described various parts of the resort as “dirty, falling apart, or already broken.”

Along with apparently waking up to the loud and obnoxious sounds of power tools at 7 a.m. every morning, she also showed how thin the resort’s walls were by recording a clear conversation between the people in the room next to her.

Someone responded in the comment section by saying, “I just googled and it looks GORGEOUS. Omg thank you for this review.”

Bad TikTok comments about the resort in Cancun.
TikTik user responds to a comment. Pic credit: @ErineAufraiche/TikTok

To that, Erin responded by saying, “It’s a complete scam. I think the Google reviews are fake.”

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