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Burger King unveils new logo: Here is what it looks like

Burger King
Burger King’s new packaging. Pic credit: Burger King Corporation

The global fast-food chain Burger King unveiled on Thursday a new logo design as part of an ongoing brand redesign effort, and people have been reacting on social media.

The brand redesign, the first in 20 years, introduces a new logo designed to reflect changes and improvements in food quality, food packaging, customer experience, and product processing to eliminate preservatives, the company said.

“We’ve been doing a lot in terms of food quality and experience,” said Fernando Machado, the global chief marketing  officer of Restaurant Brands International that owns Burger Kings. “We felt that putting a wrap around all that with an upgrade of our visual identity would help signal to our consumers that this is a brand that’s evolving.”

The rebranding will also introduce refreshed employee uniforms and restaurant signage.

Burger King’s new logo looks like a burger

Burger King’s new logo (see below) incorporates new font, art, and colors.

According to the company, it is a new “minimalist logo ” that “seamlessly meets the brand evolution of the times.”

The new logo design looks more like the fast-food giant’s burgers. It has the words “Burger King” written in rounded fonts in-between two orange half-circle designs.

Burger King
Burger King’s new logo has a minimalist design. Pic credit: Burger King Corporation

The new design excludes the blue arc that partially encircled the old logo first introduced in 1999. The old logo also used  lighter orange colors and a less rounded font.

The company said they were retaining their The King mascot.

“We love him the way he is, and he will continue to be weird,” the company said in a release, according to Reuters.

The company’s new wrappers will sport bold brown, red, and green colors that are symbols of the company’s use of fresh ingredients that consumers associate with safe, natural, and delicious food.

Burger King’s new logo: Reactions on social media

People have been posting reactions to the new logo on social media. The reactions were mixed. Some expressed approval while others disapproved.

However, many pointed out that the new logo looks like the one the company used before 1999.

Burger King is promoting healthier fast-food options

The redesign comes after Burger King announced earlier in the year that they were removing all artificial colors and preservatives from their burgers.

The decision to remove artificial colors and preservatives comes in response to demand by consumers for healthier fast-food options.

The latest news from the fast food industry comes after McDonald’s launched their  J Balvin meal named after the Columbian singer José Álvaro Osorio Balvín.

The launch of McDonald’s J Balwin meal followed the success of of the fast-food company’s Travis Scott “Cactus Jack” Meal.

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