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Why was Among Us 2 canceled and what are we getting instead?

Shot form Among Us 1 trailer
Among Us 1 has been such a hit with gamers that the game’s developers have canceled the sequel. Pic credit: Innersloth /YouTube

Innersloth, the developers of the social deduction game Among Us, have announced that they’re canceling plans to release the sequel to the game. Instead, they’re deciding to give the original version an upgrade.

Among Us is a multiplayer space-themed game that requires players to separate the imposters from the real crewmates while onboard a spaceship. If you’re playing as an imposter, then you have to avoid detection and kill the real crew members.

The game was released in June 2018, and frankly, made a minimal impact at the time; however, that all changed this summer when it gradually became an international hit. The reason for its newfound success? The game was popularized by Twitch and YouTube users who introduced it to a wider audience.

Then, just 37 days ago, Innersloth started a statement with the words, “Time for a big post!” They continued by stating that they were delighted with the newfound success of their game and were, therefore, determined to bring out a sequel.

But Among Us is too big for a sequel

However, as the game’s meteoritic rise in popularity has continued in recent weeks, Innersloth has had a rethink about where to take the game. And it’s clear that they thought why put all that effort into making a sequel when we could just tinker with the original best-selling version.

In a new statement issued yesterday, the developers said they had initially started pushing for a sequel because the codebase for Among Us 1 is so outdated that it doesn’t support the addition of new data, which makes it tricky to bring in new content. However, they also said they recognize the popularity of the original game.

They added that they’d seen “how many people are enjoying Among Us 1,” so have decided to cancel Among Us 2 and focus on improving the original. If you had been excited about the upcoming features forecast for the sequel, then don’t worry, Innersloth claim the new features will now go into Among Us 1.

What can we expect from the new Among Us 1?

Expect to see 12-15 player games, as opposed to ten, which the developers hope will make the games with three imposters more balanced. They’ll also be introducing more roles and a whole new stage.

They also promise to work on a functioning friends and accounts system. And they intend to have more support for color-blind players by putting in more identifiers.

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