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Why is Bill Belichick not in Madden 20? Reason why the Patriots’ coach is Griffin Murphy

fictional new england patriots coach griffin murphy in madden 20
Griffin Murphy is the Patriots’ head coach for Madden 20, not Bill Belichick. Pic credit: EA Madden 20 screencap

The Madden 20 video game features pretty accurate rosters that are updated weekly as players are traded, dropped, suspended, or get hurt. This allows video game fans to simulate the contests they want to see happen on the virtual gridiron.

Part of the rosters includes the team coaches and playbooks, a big aspect of Madden 20. However, one coach is notably missing from the game. So why is Bill Belichick not in Madden 20?

Reason Madden 20 doesn’t have Belichick

The Madden 20 video game arrived about two months ago and included all of the familiar players on their brand new teams. Among them were Antonio Brown on the Raiders, Le’Veon Bell on the Jets, and Odell Beckham Jr. on the Browns.

All of the major rookies were included in the game as well. The newest head coaches were also present. Longtime coaches were there as well, minus multiple-time Super Bowl winner Bill Belichick.

The New England Patriots’ head coach hasn’t ever been represented in an EA Madden video game title. The reason behind it is that he’s the only head coach who isn’t part of the NFL Coaches Association (NFLCA).

Yahoo! Sports reported this story ahead of Madden 19 which came out last year. There is no known reason as to why Belichick has decided to not be a member of the NFLCA, though.

He’s good at keeping details like this away from interested parties too and probably has some personal or professional reason for not being a member.

So why isn’t he in the video game?

The NFLCA licenses the Madden 20 game and EA Sports pays the association to use the coaches’ names and likenesses. So with Belichick not a member, they can’t use his name or likeness. So he’s not on the virtual sidelines.

He also doesn’t make money since the NFLCA members get paid by Madden for coaches’ likenesses.

Who is the Patriots’ coach in Madden 20?

In EA’s Madden 20, the New England Patriots are good in the overall ratings and have arguably the greatest player of all time. Tom Brady throws the ball accurately and steadily to his targets including Julian Edelman. However, they still need some sort of coach on the sidelines.

Last year they had generic “NE Coach.” In Madden 20, the Patriots have a fictional coach named Griffin Murphy. He still brings boosts to the Patriots’ players on gamers’ Ultimate Team rosters, as shown below.

However, he just isn’t named Bill Belichick. So the Pats have a younger-looking coach who doesn’t really exist in the real world guiding them on the virtual gridiron.

By the way, Bill Belichick has been coaching since way back in 1991 when he started as the coach of the Browns. He’s been the New England Patriots’ coach since 2000, and absent from every edition of Madden due to his reluctance to sign up for the NFL Coaches Association.

Maybe a future edition of Madden will give gamers a way to create the legendary coach of the six-time Super Bowl Champions?

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