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Why did Abby kill Joel in The Last of Us 2? [SPOILERS]

Why did Abby kill Joel in The Last of Us 2? [SPOILERS]
Abby killed Joel in The Last of Us 2 and here is why. Pic credit: PlayStation 4
The Last of Us 2 is finally here for the PlayStation 4 and it features a shocking moment that took many fans by surprise.

However, the death of a major character was just the start because the game then put the gamers into the shoes of the murderer.

Spoilers follow for The Last of Us 2 but follow along if you want to know why the catalyst event in the videogame happened.

Why did Abby kill Joel in The Last of Us 2?

In the original The Last of Us videogame, gamers took on the role of Joel, a man who survived a pandemic that turned most of the world into ravaging murderers.

He ended up as a mercenary of sorts and was tasked with taking a little girl named Ellie, who was immune to the disease, across the country. His only job was to get her to a specific location safely, protecting her from harm.

He ended up developing a relationship with the girl and these were the two people that gamers followed through the first game’s journey.

That made the moment in The Last of Us 2 where a new character named Abby killed Joel so shocking.

Then, the game took another turn. Players had to play as the murderous Abby after the shocking murder and play as the most hated character in the new game for much of its running time.

So, why did Abby kill Joel?

It was all about revenge.

See, Joel got Ellie to the Firefly facility where doctors planned to experiment on her to find a cure. Because the two built a close relationship, Joel realized these doctors would kill Ellie in order to develop the cure.

Joel would not let that happen and he rescues Ellie from the facility and corporation that hired him and he killed many people to get her out. One of these people was a doctor who happened to be the father of Abby.

Abby killed Joel because she walked in and found her father dead after Joel killed him.

How does this play into The Last of Us 2?

What made this tough was that gamers had to play as Abby as a controllable character and they saw the journey through her eyes, showing how she got to the point where she killed Joel.

What made it even tougher was that at the end of the game, gamers took on the role of Ellie and had to fight Abby, who they controlled through much of the game.

This made that one murder and the gameplay options turn this horror game into one that has a lot more under the hood philosophically than most games in its genre.

Now, the question is whether or not this will play into the upcoming HBO series based on The Last of Us.

The Last of Us 2 is currently on sale now.

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