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Where are the lost spray cans on Fortnite? Season 10 Challenge

lost spray can as part of fortnite season 10
Fortnite players are tasked with finding lost spray cans in a new Season 10 challenge. Pic credit: Epic Games/Fortnite

Fortnite Season 10 aka Season X is now underway and with that comes brand new challenges. One of the latest is the Spray and Pray Challenge, which involves a number of different missions. That includes finding spray cans located on the island. So where are the lost spray cans on Fortnite located? Here’s a guide to help you along your way on the game’s newest challenge.

What is the Lost Spray Cans challenge?

All that’s required for this part of the Fortnite challenge is to locate a total of five lost spray cans on the Fortnite Battle Royale map. There are more than five scattered around the island, giving you a good opportunity to find the required amount.

A good indicator is a sign on certain objects or walls nearby lost spray cans When you’re looking around for spray cans you’ll see spray tags on walls or large objects right near where the cans are. Here’s what you’re looking for on the objects in the regions described below.

Lost spray can locations on Fortnite

Here’s a breakdown of where to find a bunch of the lost spray cans on the Fortnite Season 10 challenge. Remember to look for those spray tags when you go to these areas so you’ll know you’re in the right region to locate the spray can.

  • The Umbrella to the north of Loot Lake is one location to head over to. Once you’re inside, walk in and go until you find a stop sign on the wooden fence/door area. Right inside there, next to the barrels, you’ll find a spray can.
  • The Jungle has another lost spray can near the lava. Go to the tunnel for the lava and you’ll see a spray tag up above it. There’s a spray can right behind the pillar for that tunnel.
  • Viking Village is another place to go. You’ll see the spray tag near the frozen waterfall and near that, you’ll be able to find a spray can underneath a tree.
  • Shifty Shafts mine has a spray can. You’ll know it’s nearby when you see that tag on the wall and a treasure chest nearby. The lost spray can is hidden in the corner of that area.
  • Snow biome has a broken down dance club area to find another spray can. The spray tag is on a large blue storage container. Just next to that is a camping tent with a lost spray can next to it on the ground.
  • Desert biome junkyard location has another lost spray can. It’s hidden outside the fenced in area. It’s right next to a few rocks and a tree outside of that part of the junkyard.
  • Hero base down in the broken down hangar area has another lost spray can. You should see the spray paint can on the ground right underneath a large stairway.

For additional reference, check out this quick YouTube video showing the different locations on the map.

That should get you enough spray cans for the latest Fortnite Season 10 Challenge. Of course, that’s part of other challenges for the latest season. Others include gas stations, taking damage from an opponent, and more. With a total of 14 to complete, you’ll have your work cut out for you!

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