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Was Subway Surfers really created after the creator’s son died?

Was Subway Surfers really created after the creator's son died?
Subway Surfers is in the news with a fake origin story. Pic credit: Kiloo Games

The rumors hit hard and heavy online that the popular video game Subway Surfers was created to honor the death of the creator’s son.

The rumor started on Twitter and ended up with over 200,000 likes and over 27,000 retweets. As a result, this rumor has massively spread over the Internet.

But, is it true?

Did Subway Surfers’ creator make game following son’s death?

The rumors that Subway Surfers was created in memory of the creator’s son’s death started on Twitter.

Twitter user @adorebestlads posted: “how old were you when you found out that the creator of subway surfers made the game in memory of his son who died while skating in the train track?”

Subway Surfers tweet
Pic credit: @adorebestlads/Twitter

Here is the problem. This is not real.

Mathias Gredel Norvig is the creator of the game and he made it alongside Kiloo and SYBO Games in 2012. The two studios collaborated to make this game, and it was mostly a product of SYBO Games and Norvig.

In 2018, Norvig said that the influence of creating the game was “Passion, Streetlife, Music, Street Art, and Skateboarding” and this was during a press conference where he said what inspired him.

It had nothing to do with his son.

The person who posted this original rumor deleted the tweet and made a comment on it later. However, it wasn’t until after it spread across Twitter like wildfire.

“hi i just want to apologize for this tweet, i admit that i was wrong for not checking if it’s true. again, i’m very sorry. also, thank you for those who informed me that this was fake and this is a learning experience for me to be more careful next time.”

Subway Surfers tweet
Pic credit: @adorebestlads/Twitter

There are no sources whatsoever that indicate that the owner’s son is even dead, so it is unclear where this rumor even came from.

What is Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers is an endless runner video game that is available on IOS, Mac OS, Android, Windows, and the Kindle.

In the video game, players are young graffiti artists who are caught in the act of applying graffiti to a metro railway site. They run through the railroad tracks, trying to escape from the inspector and his dog.

They grab gold coins, power-ups, and other items while simultaneously dodging trains and other objects.

They can also jump on top of trains and use hoverboards to evade capture until the character crashes, is hit by a train, or is caught by the inspector.

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