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Video game releases for July 2018 that will get your fingers twitching

No Man's Sky plane battle
A plane battle scene from No Man’s Sky, which is set to arrive on Xbox One for the first time

We all know that great games typically make their way to stores in the Fall. However, 2018 may prove to be an exception to the rule — as it appears July is going to offer some great summer games that gamers will truly enjoy.

September-December does have a great selection of amazing games set to be released, but July will offer the gaming world an awful lot as well.

Many of the video game releases for July 2018 were spoken about at E3 both last year and this year, and most of these new releases were available to play a bit on the floor there.

The cool part is that a lot of these games had plenty of hype behind them, but despite that many of them are well-priced — so you don’t have to break the bank to play them and add some to your trade-in pile.

Among older games, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will be releasing on July 13th for both the Nintendo 3Ds and the Nintendo Switch. We all love Toad, but he’s not the only brand name to have a release this summer.

Sonic Mania Plus will release on July 17th, and be available on all major platforms. If that’s not enough, Mega Man Legacy X Collection will also be coming out, on July 14th, and will also be part of every major console, including PC!

There are also a number of newer titles making their way to the world this July, one being Octopath Traveler. Square Enix are behind the game, so it does seem like it has potential.

Octopath Traveler gameplay
Octopth Traveler takes us back to the 90’s…but with a better graphics card and gaming engine, which we would have sold our left kidney for then

Square Enix are also behind the new Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy series….so know what they’re doing when it comes to video games. Octopath Traveler seems like one of those compelling games from the past, with a lot of A to B material mixed with some openness too. There are also eight main characters because, you know…Square Enix.

The game, releasing on July 13th, is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, which works out well as it sort of reminds us of games we played on the Game Boy in the 90s — just better color and overall power.

The game is full-priced at around $60, so you would have to know you’re into these types of games to buy it. Octopath Traveler does have a lot of good reviews from demos played thus far.

Titan Quest is also making its way to the Nintendo Switch, which is pretty big as it was a well-liked game from the PS4. It looks beautiful on the Switch and will be fun to play on either the mobile side or TV side of the game.

It started out really as a mobile game for your phone, then made its way to PS4 and Xbox One earlier this year to great reviews. Yet the Switch will likely be the best console for it. The price is good too, as they’re asking for $40, which is well worth it. It hits the Switch on July 31st.

Another interesting release is No Man’s Sky. It was a PlayStation exclusive a few years ago and was considered to be amazing in early playthroughs.

No Man's Sky fleet battle
No Man’s Sky hits Xbox for the first time, along with anticipated new enhancements such as base building, multi-player, and everything in-between

However, PS gamers found themselves disinterested in the end as the story element seemed lackluster. It was reasonably priced, though, and will be again when it comes out for Xbox One, costing$50. With a number of improvements made before the release, it might be well worth checking out when it comes out on July 24th.

One of those improvements is that it will be multi-player, so it could well end up being a “Call of Duty in Space” type game. New vehicles, as well as base-building, also promise to give No Man’s Sky a much better experience than before — and one PlayStation gamers would have killed for.

The enhancements were priced for the PS, but Xbox gamers get all of this on Day 1 launch, as well as other planned upcoming material.

Last but not least, the ambitious Hello Neighbor is set to come out on July 24th for Switch, Android, PS4, and iOS. The art is amazing, and the overall game looks tremendous.

It’s a suspense game where you basically come in contact with a neighbor whom you truly want to get away from. The announcement trailer last year made it look pretty cool. It came out on Xbox One to a nice reception, though it had mixed reviews.

The remaining portions make it more compelling on other platforms, and many feel that this could be worth another look on the Nintendo Switch or PS4. It will be coming out for $40, so it might be worth trying once more.

Overall, while summer is typically a quiet time for games due to the big titles coming out later this year, July 2018 is looking reasonably promising. Most would say that No Man’s Sky is certainly worth a buy, and obviously you’re also going to want to check out Sonic, Toad, and Mega Man. Who wouldn’t have an interest there, right?

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