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The Last of Us 2’s sex scene, described as ‘tasteful’ by Neil Druckmann, has a lot of people unhappy

Abby in The Last of Us 2
Abby and Owen in The Last of Us 2. Pic credit: Naughty Dog

Some fans are unhappy after seeing a scene in Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us 2 that game director Neil Druckmann promoted as “tasteful.”

Fans began taking to social media to express concerns about the sex scene involving Abby after the scene leaked online days before the game’s official release on the PlayStation 4.

The controversial scene shows Abby and Owen engaging in a brief physical altercation after a heated exchange. But the struggle suddenly gives way to violent passion.

The video clip here shows the scene. The scene depicts graphic violence and sex, so viewer discretion is advised.

Fans react on social media

Some fans have called out the violent sex scene as awkward and cringeworthy. Many fans also question the rationale for including it in the game, saying that it was unnecessary because it added nothing to the story.

“Saw the unskippable sex scene in last of us 2 and it was so bad that my depression increased,” one Twitter user commented.

The Last of Us 2 Twitter reaction
Pic credit: @PawgChamp_/Twitter
The Last of Us II Twitter reaction
Pic credit: @suscentral/Twitter

Some fans also accused Sony of double standards because the publisher is known to have excluded scenes showing nudity and sex in games such as Devil May Cry V and its anime content.

According to critics, some of the nudity and sex scenes that Sony previously censored from their content were much less graphic.

The Last of Us 2 fan reaction on Twitter
Pic credit: @GoomerGot/Twitter

However, some fans felt others were making an unnecessary fuss over the sex scene:

“Wtf is up with this s***t about people being mad about a sex scene with 2 women in The Last of Us 2.Dude it’s just sex. It’s a Mature game with adult themes. You clearly never played Mass Effect…The Witcher…God of War… the list goes on.”

Druckmann accused of  using Manny as a “self-insert”

When scenes from The Last of Us 2 first leaked, some fans thought the character making out with Abby was Manny.

Manny, according to some fans, bears a striking resemblance to the game director and writer Neil Druckmann, and he was accused of using the character to create a “self-insert” in the game.

Some even suggested that Druckmann might have created the sex scene so that he can do the motion capture with actress Laura Bailey.

The Last of Us 2
Pic credit: @scotiej18/Twitter

Others claimed Druckmann was using Manny to express his political and social views.

Some fans were offended by the part where Manny spits on the corpse of Joel (Troy Baker) after he was beaten to death by Abby. They accused the creators of trying to push an “agenda.”

Druckmann reacted to the accusations

Druckmann later reacted to the accusation that he used Manny as a “self-insert.” He denied the accusation, saying that Manny was inspired by Alejandro Edda, the voice actor behind the character.

Neil Druckmann on Twitter
Pic credit: @Neil_Druckmann/Twitter

Bailey also reacted to speculation that she did the motion capture for the sex scene with Druckmann.

“I can’t believe this even needs to be clarified,” she tweeted. “But at no point in the game did I film any scene with Neil. Everything I did was alongside phenomenally talented and professional actors.”

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