Skylanders SuperChargers: Of Course… Why not Vehicles?!


Skylanders Superchargers
As a gamer, there are some franchise titles you count on every year – or other year – to drop a new release. Some players look forward to the next Madden or NBA 2K title, while others pray for a new Call of Duty, Battlefield or Halo.

For younger players and their parents, Skylanders has become the titular “must have” release of the year. It’s a top-15-game franchise that kids love, with toys that have consistently out-paced the traditional toy market in sales.

Now, Activision is moving on to its next release, dubbed Skylanders SuperChargers. And this time, kids get to rock out with vehicles (gallery below).

Somehow, Activision has managed to upgrade the franchise each year with new toy and game dynamics that have yet to seem old or tired. First came Spyro, our friendly purple dragon. Then they super-sized the toys with the Giants release. While the toys were bigger and made kids giddy like sneakerheads, it wasn’t necessarily a “huge” change in game dynamics. Swap Force and Trap Team were bigger leaps. First we got to mix-and-match toys, then we got to trap enemies.

What could possibly be next? How about cars, airships and submarines?! Duh.

When the Activision team first showed me the toys, I went into Spock-mode and thought, “Of course, it’s a logical progression.”

Truth be told, I never imagined vehicles to be the next iteration in this toy lineup. Skylanders is a puzzle-based action-adventure game. When you want to overcome an certain obstacle by flying, you just switch out your character for a character with wings. When you have so many characters with wings, who needs an airship?

Still, when I saw the toy car (HotStreak), airship (SkySlicer) and submarine (DiveBomber), all I could thing was, “It’s time to race.”

SuperChargers will give gamers a chance to race and due other vehicle-themed challenges. Some boards may take place fully underwater or in the air.

Now for what the parents want to know. Can you use your old portals or do you have to buy a whole new pack? According to Activision, existing portals should work with this new release. You can also complete the main game with game with only Spitfire SuperCharger and the Hot Streak vehicle. Don’t worry, you’ll also be able to pull from the 300+ library of toys as well.

Skylanders SuperChargers set to release on Sept 20 in North America.

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