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Sephiroth release date for Smash Bros. Ultimate could be next week

sephiroth release date super smash bros ultimate next week
Final Fantasy VII villain Sephiroth revealed in Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer. Pic credit: Nintendo of America

Sephiroth is making his way into the Smash Bros. Ultimate game, and it could be happening within the next week.

The villain from Final Fantasy VII was recently revealed as a new fighter to join the game as new downloadable content.

With that, there will be more to come about Sephiroth, including a special video presentation based on the character, which could be in conjunction with the DLC’s release.

Sephiroth reveal arrives during Game Awards

Last night’s Game Awards brought the exciting new Sephiroth reveal trailer. It includes many of the Super Smash Bros. characters banding together as Sephiroth is revealed and descends upon the scene to wreak havoc.

“I have been waiting for this moment,” he says, speaking in Japanese in a menacing voice before taking on the opposition.

From there, the trailer launches into footage of the FF VII villain as he does away with numerous Smash Bros. fighters. However, he’s stopped short with Mario, and then the FF hero Cloud gets involved in the fight.

The two battle it out on the screen before the reveal trailer seems to end with “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x Final Fantasy VII” to let fans know the DLC is on the way.

However, the trailer resumes with more of the tease of the villain’s arrival as DLC.

“Stay where you belong. In my memories,” Cloud tells Sephiroth.

“I will never be a memory,” he replies before the trailer concludes.

The reveal brought plenty of excitement with it, with IGN, GameSpot, and other YouTube videos showing the trailer or featuring gamers’ reactions pulling in hundreds of thousands of views.

Sephiroth, who debuted in the 1997 Final Fantasy VII game, is expected to join the Smash Bros. Ultimate game in December, but no official release date has been provided yet.

That means the wait is on for gamers to be able to actually do battle with Sephiroth and perhaps see the One-Winged Angel show up as a Final Smash in the game.

When is Sephiroth joining Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Based on additional presentation details, Smash Bros. fans could see Sephiroth show up quite soon. It could happen within the next week. There is a special video presentation with director Masahiro Sakurai scheduled for Thursday, December 17 at 2 p.m. Pacific Time (5 p.m. Eastern Time).

A tweet from Nintendo of America also indicated the presentation would focus on the DLC fighter, with a release date to be given.

Per GameSpot, each of the Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC characters has arrived with a new stage, along with new music tracks and Spirits. So the upcoming presentation should give more details about what’s to come with Sephiroth’s release.

It’s entirely possible that Sephiroth’s release date will fall on that Friday, December 18, or they’ll announce the character is coming just in time for Christmas Day on December 25. Fans won’t want to wait too much longer to enjoy his arrival in the popular video game, though.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate title first dropped back in December of 2018, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. As of this writing, the game holds a 93 out of 100 Metacritic score based on 99 reviews from critics and an 8.6 out of 10 user score based on 2,858 users leaving their feedback.

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