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Sea of Thieves update Forsaken Shores sneak peek — What can players expect?

A lone pirate rows toward Devil's Roar where the Foresaken Shores update will make huge changes
Are you brave enough to head to Devil’s Roar and see what the Forsaken Shores update is bringing to Sea of Thieves? Pic credit: Rare

A new Sea of Thieves update is coming and Rare wants us to start getting excited about it. To get players’ attention, a new SoT teaser trailer was released on Friday, giving glimpses of what the latest game update will be adding and it looks like a lot of fun!

The newest addition to the open-world adventure game will have pirates heading for Devil’s Roar, where a new adventure awaits. Adding to the danger, there will be volcanoes and earthquakes in the new update, giving players even more of a challenge than before.

We also get a chance to see the new rowboats, a feature that will be added with the Forsaken Shores update. Based on what developers have said about the rowboats, they are an option for captains to use in order to avoid having a ship sunk by way of the volcanos spewing lava and debris, which can hit and damage ships that are anchored close by.

In addition to rowboats, volcanoes, and earthquakes, Sea of Thieves players can also look forward to a few cosmetic updates when Forsaken Shores is released. That means new clothing, ship, and weapons designs with many guessing that the new theme being only temporarily available in celebration of the newest update to the game.

There has been further speculation that there may be new treasure chests added to Sea of Thieves with the Forsaken Shores update. Additionally, many believe there will be added merchant quests and other goodies that haven’t been announced.

The Forsaken Shores update is free for Sea of Thieves players and can be played on PC and XBox One. Those not wishing to purchase their own copy of the game can subscribe to XBox Game Pass and play it free as long as they have an active membership.

The Forsaken Shores update for Sea of Thieves will be released by Rare on September 19 with servers going live at 9 am EST.

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