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PlayStation 5 rumors: PS5 specs will be more powerful than Xbox Scarlett

playstation 5 rumors continue for sony's next console
Sony’s PlayStation 5 console has an expected release date in 2020. Pic credit: Sony PlayStation/YouTube

The Sony PlayStation 5 rumors continue as video game fans anticipate the arrival of the next great console. While leaks already revealed PS5 specs, speculation suggests it will be the better of the two consoles.

That could make a serious difference once PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett go to battle in 2020.

What are the PlayStation 5 specs so far?

According to VGR, the latest PS5 specs include a 3rd generation AMD Ryzen 8-core CPU on board. It will also have an AMD Radeon Navi as its GPU. It will also bring 8K resolution to the screen and includes a solid state drive inside.

That should make it quicker to load and more reliable.

All of this will make a much better gaming experience in the future. These specs and other aspects of the device could help Sony win the war between consoles again.

Sony previously had the more powerful console with the original PlayStation 4 release until Microsoft unveiled Xbox One.

Rumors arrive for Sony PS5 vs. Xbox Scarlett

Speculation is that Sony will have the better console when PS5 launches alongside Xbox Scarlett. Both of these video game platforms should arrive in 2020, presumably around the same release date.

In a report from GameRant, former IGN editor Colin Moriarty talked about the PS5 on his podcast, calling it “definitively more powerful than Project Scarlett.”

This statement lines up with a previous comment made by Andrew Reiner of Game Informer.

Moriarty claimed he gained insight when speaking to developers who were working with both of the new consoles’ dev kits. That could be a sign of what’s to come for Sony PlayStation 5.

With the two consoles slated for release next year, and expected to have similar prices of around $400, there’s plenty of time for things to change.

Microsoft could very quickly make adjustments to their console to try and gain the upper hand.

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