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PlayStation 5: How much does an 8K TV even cost?

PlayStation 5 will support 8K graphics, Sony reveals. So how much does 8K Tv cost? Pic credit: Samsung

Sony has been working on its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5), and on April 16 the company shared the first major details about their highly-anticipated next-gen hardware in an interview with Wired.

After Sony revealed PlayStation 5 will support 8K graphics, there have been some questions about the cost of an 8K TV and whether people will be able to afford to buy one to complement their PS5 when it comes out.

The promise that PS5 will support 8K graphics presumes that users will be able to afford TVs supporting that resolution.

So, how much does an 8K TV even cost?

Samsung announced the Q900R, its first-ever 8K TV for commercial release at IFA 2018. The company also announced the pricing for its new 8K Q900 QLED series in February 2019.

The current pricing makes 8K TV a fantasy for most people.

Samsung’s 85-inch Q900 started shipping in February 2019. The TV has a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, about two times the resolution of your 4K TV. If you want the 85-inch Samsung 8K TV you should be ready to shell out $15,000.

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