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Ninja Mixer contract: How much will they pay him and what is his net worth?

Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja at the Fortnite World Cup
Ninja announced his departure from Twitch as new deal with Mixer has been made. Pic credit: @ninja/Instagram

Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja to those who watch his streams, has left Twitch in a shocking move that he announced with a press conference style announcement on Friday. The popular Fortnite streamer stunned fans when he told everyone that he would be exclusively streaming for Microsoft Mixer instead.

With the move from Twitch to Mixer, many fans of Ninja can’t help but wonder about the popular gamer’s net worth, as his live streams and videos get millions of views. Which also begs the question — How much is Mixer paying Ninja in order for him to move over to that streaming platform.

How much is Mixer paying Ninja?

In his announcement about exclusively streaming on Mixer, Ninja did not disclose any contract details so it’s hard to say how much he is getting paid for his efforts. However, he did reveal recently that while streaming Fortnite on Twitch, he has earned almost $10 million just in 2018.

With an income like that, there have been questions about why Ninja would want to switch streaming platforms and now that he has, how much could Mixer have possibly offered him in order to get that deal done.

And while he wasn’t privy to Ninja’s deal, another Twitch streamer has weighed in, offering some insight into what Ninja might be getting paid. According to Game Rant, Swedish streamer Forsen believes that Ninja’s contract with Mixer should be earning him somewhere between $6 million to $8 million annually plus endorsements, which would bring his annual earnings to about the same point as he was at with Twitch.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ net worth

Going hand in hand with questions about how much Mixer will be paying Ninja, many following his departure from Twitch also have wondered what is Tyler Blevins’ net worth. And again, he hasn’t exactly disclosed his net worth but the amount has been estimated to be about $15 million based on what the streamer claims to be earning monthly from those who watch him stream live and watch his YouTube videos plus his endorsements too.

That said, Ninja’s net worth has risen over the past year and will likely continue to rise as his popularity grows and new partnerships are made.

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