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New Super Mario Maker Wii U updates (Video)

The new updates for Super Mario Maker include a new key and lock feature

Nintendo have just released a new video showing the latest updates to Super Mario Maker on Wii U.

Super Mario Maker is proving to be on the Wii U’s most popular games and allows you to create your own Super Mario Levels and play other people’s.

So far there are an incredible 6.2 million different courses in the game created by players, with over 400 million gameplays.

Now in its latest free update there are several new features and modes to enhance the game even more.

One of the main updates is a hark back to Super Mario World on the Super NES where you could unlock keyholes with keys, and Nintendo have now added these to the game which will add a whole new dimension to the levels you can create.

You’ll also be able to stick the keys to baddies meaning players have to beat the baddie before they can get the key.

Other additions include Pink Coins which result in a key once all are collected, plus a skewer obstacle – also from Super Mario World.

There’s also a new Super Expert mode for the 100-Mario Challenge, which randomly picks up super hard levels as you complet the challenge and allows you to get five different Mystery Mushroom costumes.

Check out the Super Mario Maker Wii U update video below

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