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NBA 2K20 Demo release date & time: When does the NBA 2K20 Prelude come out?

new nba 2k20 demo the prelude arrives august 21
A new NBA 2K20 demo will be available to give gamers a preview of part of the game. Pic credit: EA Sports

An NBA 2K20 demo is on the way giving fans of the popular basketball franchise a first look at some of what to expect this year. That demo is arriving soon, leading gamers to wonder when and where to download it. It will be available on multiple gaming consoles, but not Windows PCs.

Here are more details about when the NBA 2K20 demo release date and time is as well as the latest NBA 2K20 Prelude information.

NBA 2K20 demo details – What is the Prelude?

In past installments of the NBA 2K game, 2K released something known as The Prelude. This was an early preview of the game for players to try out. It typically involved creating your own player to test the game.

A new My Career story trailer arrived on Monday showing off many of the stars of the story, as well as giving a tease of what the premise of the mode is. My Career involves guiding a player through an in-game story making important decisions that impact his basketball future.

Based on the upcoming NBA 2K20 demo, it will allow for testing out different MyPLAYER options for use in the game. That particular aspect is where gamers get to create their own customized basketball player with looks, skills, and other attributes. They can then boost their skill levels and talents along the way.

The NBA 2K Facebook previously announced the demo back on July 25. They noted that gamers can “try out multiple MyPLAYER configurations to create the player that best fits your play-style.” The best part is that MyPLAYER configuration will be available to transfer to the full game when it arrives in early September.

In the YouTube video below, there are further details on the NBA 2K20 Prelude demo, including some of the best and worst potential aspects of the mode.

Based on those details, one of the best aspects of this demo is that gamers can try out more than one type of MyPLAYER. In previous installments, only one type was allowed. It’s still unknown what the maximum number of MyPLAYER types can be created.

When and where to download NBA 2K20 demo?

The NBA 2K20 demo officially arrives on Wednesday, August 21. It’s free of charge to download and use.

A recent tweet from NBA 2K indicated it would be arriving within “24 hours” and to set reminders. A previous announcement indicated 8 a.m. Pacific Time as the release time (11 a.m. Eastern Time).

Gamers with Sony’s PS4 should be able to find the NBA 2K20 demo in the PlayStation Store. To download it will require having a free account to log into and add it to the cart. The demo is then available to download on the PS4 console in the Library of available games (in Settings).

For those gamers with Microsoft’s Xbox One, head to the Microsoft Store either on a web browser, mobile app, or the console. It’s the same sort of situation, where a valid login is needed for the Microsoft Xbox store. Once logged in, it’s possible to add the NBA 2K20 demo to the cart. It is then available for download on the Xbox One console.

For Nintendo Switch, gamers need to have an account to use the Nintendo Games Store. The free demo should be available to add to one’s account there and then downloadable on the Nintendo Switch console.

As mentioned, the MyPLAYER character one creates in the demo can be transferred into the full game. The release date for the full NBA 2K20 game arrives on September 6, 2019, for all the same consoles, as well as Windows PCs.