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NBA 2k19 update 1.06: What has been added in the patch?

Both covers of NBA 2k19
The NBA 2k19 1.06 patch will fix a few known issues. Pic credit: 2k Sports/YouTube

It’s never fun to turn on your console and learn that NBA 2k19 needs an update so you have to wait. That’s what happened during the latest 1.06 update but the good news is that the latest NBA2k19 patch fixed a few important issues in the game.

Here are the changes you can expect after installing the NBA 2k19 update 1.06:

In general gameplay, a few updates have been made including a fix for the issue some players were having with the “Perfection” achievement not unlocking and not awarding the final league trophy in Play Now Online mode.

The patch also fixed a rare issue where the wrong player was being awarded the win in Play Now Online as well. Also, roster images for traded players were updated in the latest patch.

When it comes to gameplay, here’s what you can expect to change with the 1.06 update on NBA 2k19

When a foul is called and the shot clock is low, it will not reset to 14 seconds in online games as it should. There was also an issue with pass steal attempts being ignored when the player pressed steal too many times and that has been fixed.

Making the game a bit more challenging, the AI defense switch logic has been updated and improved for pick and rolls and for inbounds.

The patch also fixed an issue that some users were having after an in-game injury where the player would hang.

Changes to MyCAREER/Neighborhood

Some users complained that they weren’t being credited with VC, the in-game currency after leaving the Ante-Up building after finishing the Neighborhood games. This has been fixed.

There were also cosmetic changes made to fix the “neck seam” that some players complained about when using a face scan to create their player.

In Ante-Up, an issue with the Voice feature was reported to sometimes not work properly and that was fixed. Also, the issue with squad traveling on the subway has been addressed and should work now.

The last change to the MyCAREER/Neighborhood section is a larger ball pickup radius for playing Dodgeball.

Changes to Pro-Am on NBA 2k19

Improvements have been made to the matchmaking feature on NBA 2k19 with the 1.06 patch. Also, there was a bug that showed up occasionally that showed players from the other team showing up in the Pro-Am Shootaround before the game and that has been fixed.

Improvements to MyTEAM

There was only one change in this area but it should make online gameplay more fun, especially when dealing with other online players with less than stellar manners. While playing Triple Threat Online, NBA 2k19 players can mute their opponent during gameplay now.

MyGM/MyLEAGUE changes in the latest NBA 2k19 update

Several changes have been made to MyGM and MyLEAGUE with some being cosmetic and others set to improve gameplay. The biggest cosmetic change in this update fixed an issue with the uniforms and now, alternate uniforms should upload and download correctly.

The latest NBA 2k19 update also fixed an issue with hot zones where the game would progress improperly during the offseason. There was also an issue where Advanced Rotation Settings would reset and that has been fixed as well.  Additionally, MyLEAGUE online has been improved for better stability.

2k Sports reported that a handful of other small changes have been made that will improve general gameplay. All of the changes made in the latest NBA 2k19 patch update will carry over to existing game saves so players do not have to start over to enjoy them.

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