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Naruto is coming to Fortnite in ‘Naruto x Fortnite’ collab according to ‘leak’ but nobody knows when

neymar jr skin in fortnite video game
A Neymar Jr. skin arrived in Fortnite. Will Naruto be among the next Icon Series skins? Pic credit: Fortnite/YouTube

Is Naruto coming to the Fortnite game in the future? That is the latest expectation from fans based on leaked info online. The popular manga character would make another unique addition to the Fortnite gaming world.

While many people believe that Naruto will be released as part of Fortnite, it’s unknown when that may happen. However, it’s possible to make a guess as to when Naruto could arrive in the Battle Royale game.

Here are the latest details on a Naruto x Fortnite collaboration that could be part of the game in the coming months.

Document ‘leaks’ suggested NBA, Naruto was coming to Fortnite

The speculation involving the popular Japanese manga character Naruto arrived thanks to the Apple x Epic document, which The Verge published online. The June 2020 quarterly business document provides an overview of the state of Epic and Fortnite, a Fortnite Roadmap, and their strategic priorities moving forward.

Some of the 2020 documents included future plans considered “leaks” now in terms of possible collaborations coming to Fortnite. Developers scrapped some of the ideas or options, but others could still be coming in the future.

For example, the document mentioned an NBA collab with LeBron James Fortnite skin and a basketball mini-game as possibilities in the future. Those have yet to happen, but international soccer star Neymar Jr. joined the game recently.

Also mentioned in the document and the video below is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The former WWE superstar and current Hollywood box office star was listed as part of the Icon series for Q1, or the first quarter, of 2021.

It’s believed that since Epic pushed Neymar’s release back, The Rock will eventually appear in the game. The video (below) also includes speculation that LeBron James could arrive in Fortnite before The Rock. That has led people to believe Naruto will also join the game at some point.

When might the Naruto x Fortnite collab happen?

Naruto is a popular Japanese manga about a young ninja warrior aspiring to become the leader of his village. It’s considered amongst the best-selling manga series in history. So including the character and themes related to the manga in the game makes a lot of sense for worldwide crossover appeal.

Based on the video above, it seems the plans for Naruto may have been scrapped, along with plans to possibly include the Hunger Games character, Katniss Everdeen.

As mentioned above, a Neymar Jr. skin was originally going to be released in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2020. That meant it was originally planned to come out between October 1 and December 31 of last year. 

However, Neymar didn’t arrive until just recently, on April 27, 2021. So that delay has pushed other Icon Series skins back, including The Rock.

Right now, there is a special Batman Fortnite Zero Point skin which will be available once all six issues of a special comic book have been released. The end date for the last issue in that series to arrive and allow people to claim the Batman Looper skin is June 29, 2021. Based on the document’s order of skin releases, that could indicate Naruto will pop up very soon in Fortnite.

That said, the original document never specified a planned release date for Naruto. That has left many believing it was either scrapped or, per Dual Shockers’ prediction, it could be announced as a surprise later in 2021. Right now, it’s anyone’s guess, though. If Naruto shows up in the next several weeks, that would be a major surprise, with Season 6 currently underway.