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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s latest version contains several bug fixes with a small update to 10.12 on PS4 and on Xbox One

MHW: Iceborne Bug Fixes Version Update
The update to MHW: Iceborne contains several bug fixes and addresses many glitches as well. [Pic Credit: Capcom]
Launched recently, the latest expansion pack to the highly popular Monster Hunter World (MHW) game franchise, known as MHW: Iceborne, has received an important update.

The update brings the MHW: Iceborne version to 10.12 on Sony PlayStation 4 and to on the Microsoft Xbox One dedicated gaming console. Although rather small in size, the latest update to the popular game attempts to address several bugs and glitches within MHW: Iceborne.

Capcom’s Monster World Hunter is one of the most popular games for the high-end gaming consoles like the Sony PS4 and the Microsoft Xbox One. In fact, the game franchise has proven to be a big seller and revenue earner owing to the stunning graphics and of course, a multitude of monsters. The MHW: Iceborne expansion pack introduces an entirely new biome: The Hoarfrost Reach. Set in the chilling Tundra region, the game offers a number of new monsters to hunt down and relevant weapons, armor as well as rewards.

To keep loyalists happy, the game also retains several behemoths from older entries in the series. Experienced players have reportedly admired and appreciated the game for all the right reasons, including elevated difficulty. Interestingly, the monsters in this version have been known to dish out a lot of punishment and damage. However, with each victory, players are rewarded with stronger and better armor as well as powerful new weapons. Incidentally, the latest update addresses some of the bugs which players have been facing with the armor, weapons and rewards:

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne 10.12 Update Bug Fixes And Game Improvements:

Following are the important bug fixes and feature improvements that Capcom has sent inside the latest update to MHW: Iceborne update:

Acidic Glavenus “Unavailable” Item: A bug in the game prevented the players from obtaining the “Glavenus Mantle” material from Acidic Glavenus. Capcom has rectified the same, and the item is now obtainable.

Guardian Armor: Gamers can now select the “Guardian” armor during character creation. A bug wasn’t allowing the same.

Quest Board: The optional quest “Completed!” marker would randomly change from Red back to Blue after save data was imported into Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. This behavior is now fixed.

Hunter Helper: A bug granted the “Low Level Hunter Helper Reward” even if the quests failed. The game no longer doles out rewards in this manner.

Great Sword: A bug would prevent charged slashes from the ‘Great Sword’ if the player landed on top of the ice ground created by Velkhana or mud created by Jyuratodus. Now the weapon does strike with the expected might.

Training Area vs. Expeditions: A bug caused errors that entangled the Training Area and the Expeditions. Contents of expeditions were being updated randomly after each use of “Change Objects in Area” in the training area. Now the changes in the two remain independent of each other.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is one of the most visually stunning expansions of the console game

The Hoarfrost Reach is about the same size as that of other maps within the MHW variants. Despite being depicted as a frozen land, the area has surprisingly varying terrain with multiple visual cues and regions. Snow-covered plains, frozen lakes, and icy hills are augmented with deep underground caverns covered in sheer walls of ice. There are a few hidden passages made of stone that players can explore. Some hot-springs sprinkled within the game offer players stat boosts if they take a dip.

The latest update to the MHW: Iceborne requires about 70MB on the Sony PlayStation 4 and about 80MB on the Xbox One gaming console. It was released on September 18. The official Support Page for the Monster Hunter World game cautions that players update to the latest version of Monster Hunter: World in order to play online multiplayer or download add-on content.

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