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MLB The Show 20 Power Rankings: Nationals, Dodgers, and Yankees battle for the top spot

Juan Soto
The first edition of the MLB The Show 20 Power Rankings have arrived as gamers get ready for another season under the sun. Pic credit: San Diego Studio

While the start of the 2020 MLB season has been delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19, no one is sure if and when Opening Day will take place.

The original date was scheduled for one week from today, Thursday, March 26. Now fans are hoping that baseball returns by the predicted mid-May mark – if not sooner.

The boys of summer may not be playing on the field, but they are available in the popular Sony game MLB The Show.

MLB The Show 20 is the only game in town

Video games have come a long way since the 1970s. Some of them are so realistic and spot-on it is kind of scary.

When it comes to MLB, no one does it better than San Diego Studio with their MLB The Show title. With baseball on pause, MLB the Show fans are anxious for the new season. Already the debates are going on about which team is No. 1 in the team rankings heading into the new campaign.

It is hard to argue against the 2019 World Series champion Washington Nationals.

This team has great talent, but they lost a few key pieces during the offseason, with Anthony Rendon being at the forefront.

Rendon took the big money from the Los Angeles Angels during the offseason. That move alone is why I don’t have the defending champions at No. 1.

The loss of someone as key as Rendon is going to catch up with Washington this season.

If you want to talk about “video game-like” numbers, Rendon has them. Last season the Nats slugger finished with a .319 average, smashed 34 home runs, and drove in 126 RBI. That is what you call a great season.

While Rendon is gone, the Nats do have the young phenom Juan Soto waiting in the wings.

Last season at the age of 20, Soto crushed 34 home runs and drove in 100 RBI proving that age is just a number. This kid is going to be special for quite a long time to come.

MLB The Show 20 rankings

In honor of what was supposed to be Opening Day on March 26, the first MLB The Show 20 power rankings are here.

Next to each team, I included their power and pitching ratings. The top five teams could all make an argument for being No. 1, but you have to start somewhere!

Here are the MLB The Show 20 Power Rankings heading into Week 1.

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (3rd Power, 1st Pitching)
  2. Houston Astros (6th Power, 3rd Pitching)
  3. Washington Nationals (16th Power, 2nd Pitching)
  4. Atlanta Braves (15th Power, 8th Pitching)
  5. New York Yankees (12th Power, 6th Pitching)
  6. Minnesota Twins (1st Power, 7th Pitching)
  7. New York Mets (8th Power, 4th Pitching)
  8. Chicago Cubs (2nd Power,14th Pitching)
  9. St. Louis Cardinals (22nd Power, 9th Pitching)
  10. Cleveland Indians (13th Power, 12th Pitching)
  11. Tampa Bay Rays (14th Power, 5th Pitching)
  12. Philadelphia Phillies (21st Power, 18th Pitching)
  13. Cincinnati Reds (4th Power, 13th Pitching)
  14. Oakland Athletics (5th Power, 10th Pitching)
  15. Arizona Diamondbacks (23rd Power, 16th Pitching)
  16. Boston Red Sox (20th Power, 17th Pitching)
  17. Chicago White Sox (7th Power, 19th Pitching)
  18. San Diego Padres (17th Power, 11th Pitching)
  19. Los Angeles Angels (18th Power, 20th Pitching)
  20. Texas Rangers (9th Power, 15th Pitching)
  21. Milwaukee Brewers (10th Power, 22nd Pitching)
  22. Colorado Rockies (19th Power, 26th Pitching)
  23. Kansas City Royals (24th Power, 25th Pitching)
  24. Pittsburgh Pirates (30th Power, 23rd Pitching)
  25. Toronto Blue Jays (11th Power, 21st Pitching)
  26. Detroit Tigers (27th Power, 30th Pitching)
  27. San Francisco Giants (28th Power, 27th Pitching)
  28. Seattle Mariners (26th Power, 29th Pitching)
  29. Miami Marlins (29th Power, 24th Pitching)
  30. Baltimore Orioles (25th Power, 28th Pitching)

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