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MLB The Show 19 update 1.16 details: What it includes and when it took place

Updates for MLB the Show 1.16 details have been revealed.
Updates for MLB the Show 1.16 details have been revealed. Pic credit EA Sports

MLB The Show announced its most recent updates to the 2019 version. One of the things that makes MLB The Show 19 one of the most popular games on the market is there ability to keep up with the changes to the real game being played on the field. When MLB The Show has a glitch, they get right after it!

Updates addressed

Just like every season, MLB The Show fixes glitches as the season moves forward. The latest glitches will make many fans happy as the biggest ones included an issue with pitching inside and the second baseman not being able to throw in a timely manner.

Every pitcher likes to throw inside to hitters, however, they don’t need to get thrown out of the game for doing so! A glitch that was tossing pitchers out of the game from doing just that has been fixed.

Another problem that has been addressed is an issue that would result in the 2nd baseman not being able to immediately throw after catching a ball from the catcher during a steal or rundown attempt. This is an important fix for the popular PlayStation game as many fans took to social media to express their frustration.

Last in terms of “major fixes” was the catcher tagging the runner on a play at home.

The Sony techs fixed a specific occurrence where the catcher would not attempt to tag a runner crossing home plate. While that made the team batting happy, it wasn’t good for the team on defense.

Finishing touches

With the major glitches under control, several minor ones also had to be addressed, including a popular Road to the Show glitch that stops managers interactions by freezing up.

The list of repairs is set below.

  • Fixed two Road to the Show freezes that could occur during manager interactions.
  • Fixed an issue in Road to the Show that was preventing a Closing Pitcher (at the MLB level) from adding a new pitch.
  • Camera adjustments in Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome to prevent obscured camera views behind home plate.

Game Update 1.16 was scheduled to take place at 3 AM PT on August 14, 2019. The updates should currently be in place for all MLB The Show 19 gamers.