Metro Exodus release date, teasers and trailers, story, gameplay, pre-order deals, system requirements, and more

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus set to launch in February 2019. Pic credit: 4A Games

Fans have been patiently waiting for Metro Exodus since developer 4A Games announced the upcoming post-apocalyptic first-person shooter game — the latest entry in the popular Metro video games series — at E3 2017.

In Metro Exodus, players will get the opportunity to leave the subway tunnels under the ruins of post-nuclear war Moscow, and explore the urban wasteland on the surface where they will confront all manners of radioactive horrors.

Players assuming the role of the protagonist Artyom will engage in deadly combat against mutated creatures and hostile humans, armed with weaponry crafted from scavenged materials.

Artyom and the Spartan Rangers will then travel eastward from Moscow in the locomotive The Aurora, in search of a new life, and the perilous journey will span four seasons of a year.

Ahead of the 2019 launch date, we have compiled everything you need to know about 4A Games and Deep Silver’s upcoming survival horror video game, including release date, trailers and teasers, story, gameplay, and system requirements. We also give you information about pre-ordering Metro Exodus, including which editions are available for pre-order, what bonuses to expect, and where you can find the best deal.

Metro Exodus release date

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus will launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Pic credit: 4A Games

Metro Exodus was first announced at Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference  in June 2017. The video game was planned at the time to launch in the fall of 2018. 4A Games confirmed that the game will be launched for PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, and Windows PC, and that it will be playable in 4K on Xbox One.

But 4A Games later announced at Microsoft’s E3 2018 (June) press conference that the release date had been postponed to February 22, 2019, the same day as the launch date for  BioWare’s Anthem.

Fans were  delighted when 4A Games and Deep Silver announced on December 13, 2018, that Metro Exodus had “gone gold” and that the release date had been pushed forward to a week earlier, that is, February 15, 2018.

The new date means that Metro Exodus will now come out on the same day as Jump Force, Far Cry New Dawn, and Dead or Alive 6.

“Our fans have been waiting patiently for Metro Exodus ever since we announced the title at E3 2017,” Deep Silver CEO Klemens Kundratitz said.

“We had previously delayed the release date to ensure 4A Games had the time to deliver their ambitious vision for the game, but now we’re delighted to confirm that Metro Exodus has ‘gone gold’ and we are able to bring the release date forward to February 15th, 2019.”

The first two games of the series were released in 2010 and 2013, with the remastered versions released in 2014.

Metro Exodus overview

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus is a first-person shooter. Pic credit: 4A Games

Metro Exodus is an upcoming story-driven, single-player, first-person shooter being developed by the Ukrainian studio 4A Games and published by Deep Silver.

The game is being developed on an updated version of 4A Games’ proprietary engine that was used in Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Night.

Metro Exodus, the third installment in the Metro video game series, is set in a future world devastated by nuclear war. The storyline comes after the events of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light.

Metro: 2033, the first installment in the game series, was first published in 2010 by THQ, while Metro: Last Light, published by Deep Silver, was released in 2013.

The Metro video game series is inspired by Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Metro series of novels, first published in 2005. Glukhovsky’s book series includes Metro 2033, Metro 2034, Metro Last Light, and Metro 2035.

Metro Exodus is set in 2036, after the events of Glukhovsky’s Metro 2035, and continues Artyom’s story in post-apocalyptic Russia.

The first installment of 4A Games’ Metro series, Metro 2033, was released to wide acclaim in 2010. It portrayed the harsh life in the subway tunnels under the ruins of Moscow, following a nuclear war which forced the survivors to live underground because the surface had become contaminated by radiation.

The story follows Artyom who fights against human and monstrous mutants.

The second installment in the series, Metro: Last Light, which also received positive reviews, picked up from where Metro 2033 left off and follows Ranger Artyom’s post-apocalyptic adventures as he explores Moscow’s metro system in search of the mysterious Dark Ones.

The search leads him on an adventure, fighting gang factions and mutated monsters, in the dank subway tunnels of Moscow.

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus is a story-driven, first-person shooter. Pic credit: Deep Silver

4A Games first announced Metro Exodus at Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference, but work on the game had started in 2014. A late 2018 release date was announced at the time but it was later moved to February 2019.

The developers originally intended Metro Exodus to be set exclusively in Moscow, with the gameplay action taking place in the Moscow underground as well as on the surface, but a decision was taken to explore the rest of post-nuclear Russia.

Executive producer Jonathan Bloch has described Metro Exodus as the most ambitious project that the studio has embarked upon so far.

“Our script this time around is twice the size of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, and all of those games’ DLC combined,” Bloch told Polygon. “Twice the size of all of that. So there’s a massive, massive amount of story content in this game.”

Metro Exodus makes a change by taking players out of the subway tunnels to the surface to explore the different areas of a larger environment above the ground. The game starts in the Moscow Metro, but players soon move to the surface to explore the world above.

But despite previous reports, Metro Exodus is not an open-world game, according to Game Informer.

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus is a sandbox survival game. Pic credit: 4A Games

Metro Exodus is a sandbox survival game consisting of multiple large environments at different levels that present players with different objectives — including side quests — to fulfill. But the environments are connected to one another by a storyline that spans a full in-game year. Players explore the environments independently but as part of a connected narrative.

“We’ve gone up to the surface a couple of times before but as you can see, we are combining the classic Metro experience, which is these linear levels that were underground, with these sandbox levels,” Bloch said. “There’s a lot more exploration and chance to experience the world and do a lot more things.”

According to Game Informer, once players complete their objective in a given sandbox level they will not be able to return to that level.

The first of the multiple levels is called the Bridge. The Bridge, an expansive half-frozen marshland, presents a gloomy landscape with interspersed ramshackle rural settlements and derelict industrial complexes.

“The story starts in Moscow and you play as Artyom and it picks up from Metro: Last Light’s enlightened ending,” Bloch explained in an interview with Twitch.

Artyom travels with his team of Spartan Rangers in The Aurora from Moscow underground to Mount Yamantau in the Urals, and then on to Vladivostok. Their goal is to make contact with government forces, and the journey will take them through enemy occupied territory.

According to Bloch, Metro Exodus will feature a mix of new settings, weapons, items, and new characters alongside returning familiar characters. The game will blend combat with stealth exploration of the surface ruins of Moscow.

Metro Exodus
Artyom fights mutants in Metro Exodus. Pic credit: 4A Games

Artyom and his survivor companions then leave Moscow in The Aurora — a modified steam locomotive — and embark on a journey across post-apocalyptic Russia to restart their lives in the east. And as they make the perilous journey through unfamiliar terrain, they encounter “familiar faces” from previous games in the series.

“We’re not saying who joins just yet but there will be a lot of fan-favorite characters,” Bloch said.

During the journey, players are presented with a grim post-apocalyptic hellscape, with sprawling visions of a ruined post-nuclear world. Players will encounter dangers, such as attacks by bandits, and fight for survival across four seasons of a year. This is a departure from previous games of the series that occurred over only a few days.

Metro Exodus depicts hostile humans and mutant monsters in a world in which survivors have to fight desperately for bare survival, armed with weapons built from scrap. In previous installments of the game series, survivors had run a bullet economy in the subway tunnels.

The developers have overhauled the series’ combat and stealth mechanics so that Metro Exodus can offer players a more extensive exploration experience. The Aurora will return at different levels and players will also have access to other vehicles.

The story, as already stated, is inspired by Glukhovsky’s book series. Metro Exodus is the first to be set after the series by the Russian author. It starts from where Glukhovsky left off Artyom’s story in Metro 2035.

Metro Exodus teasers and trailers

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus gameplay trailer. Pic credit: 4A Games

4A games released the first gameplay trailer for Metro Exodus during Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference.

4A Games also gave fans an early glimpse of what to expect of the upcoming Metro Exodus at The Game Awards in December 2017.

4A Games and publisher Deep Silver released another gameplay trailer during Microsoft’s E3 2018 press conference in June.

The video below is an exclusive trailer released on August 20, 2018, by publisher Deep Silver and developer 4A Games during Gamescon 2018.

On December 13, 2018, after 4A Games and Deep Silver announced that the release date for Metro Exodus had been pushed forward a week from February 22 to February 15, they also released a new video showing the game’s opening sequences (see below):

Metro Exodus pre-order deals

Metro Exodus takes players from the Moscow subway to the ruined city on the surface. Pic credit: 4A Games

4A Games and Deep Silver had confirmed during E3 2017 that Metro Exodus will be launched for PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, and Microsoft’s Windows PC.

Deep Silver announced the Metro Exodus pre-order bonuses and The Aurora Limited Edition in August 2018.

Each platform (PS4, Xbox One and PC) will get a special pre-order bonus of its own.

Fans who pre-order the game for PS4 (physical or digital) will get a dynamic Metro Exodus theme for their consoles, based on Metro Exodus “Winter” artwork.

Those who pre-order for Xbox One (physical or digital) will get a free code for Metro 2033 Redux.

Physical Microsoft Windows PC pre-orders and Steam pre-orders will include a digital art book and the  Metro Exodus original soundtrack.

Newegg currently has the best pre-order price of all the retailers — $50

Deep Silver also revealed weeks ago that fans who pre-order Metro Exodus at either Gamestop or EB Games will receive a limited-run pre-order bonus: a fully functional exclusive Metro Exodus Carabiner Compass.

The Aurora Limited Edition will be available in limited supply at select retailers worldwide. It will include a copy of the game in an exclusive SteelBook case, a 32-page “The World of Metro” art book, and the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass, all in a bespoke metal outcase inspired by The Aurora, the steam locomotive in which Artyom and his companions journey eastward across post-nuclear war Russia in search of a new life.

A cheaper Gold Edition will also be available on digital stores and will include only a copy of the game and the Expansion Pass.

Metro Exodus story

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus is a post-apocalyptic horror video game. Pic credit: 4A Games

The Metro Exodus story is set in the year 2036, two years after the events of Metro: Last Light’s Redemption ending, and a year after the events of Metro 2035, the final installment in Glukhovsky’s Metro book series.

Previous installments (Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light) of the Metro video game series introduced players to a post-apocalyptic Russia in which survivors cower underground in the Moscow subway tunnels, following a nuclear war that turned the surface into a contaminated wasteland overrun with mutant monsters and all sorts of horrific perils.

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus, players engage in tactical combat with monsters and humans. Pic credit: 4A Games

The 23-year-old protagonist Artyom was raised in the Moscow Metro. Humanoids called Dark Ones attack his Home Station and he is forced to team up with other humans to survive the tumult and violence of their metro world where harsh conditions are complicated by a raging civil war between communists of the Red Line and Neo-Nazis of the Fourth Reich.

Metro Exodus follows Artyom and his partner Anna (Artyom and Anna, Miller’s daughter, are now married), who are members of the Spartan Rangers.

In a gripping storyline that takes off from where Metro 2035 left off, Metro Exodus players assume the role of Artyom, who flees Moscow, leading a band of fellow survivors.

Artyom and the Spartan Rangers flee the Moscow Metro and its bullet economy and travel on the Volga River to reach the locomotive The Aurora on which they travel eastward in a continent-spanning journey in search of new life in the east.

The storyline spans an entire year and takes players through four seasons. They journey in The Aurora on the Trans Siberian railway across a Russia that was devastated by nuclear war 23 years ago. They aim to reach Vladivostok in the east.

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus mutant monster. Pic credit: 4A Games

The journey allows players to explore the endless stretches of the Russian wilderness eastward, where the effects of nuclear fallout are less severe, and it is possible to survive, breathing the air without using masks.

Members of the group that travel with Artyom and Anna include several characters already familiar to fans of the Metro series, such as Duke, Tokarev, Yermak, and Alyosha.

The journey is treacherous and perilous, and they run into plenty of trouble along the way. Many of the group will perish during the trek across Russia to start a new life in the east.

Metro Exodus, as already mentioned, is not an open-world game, but consists of a series of sandbox levels that constitute a linked narrative. You can’t return to an area to complete the side quests once you leave.

Metro Exodus gameplay

Metro Exodus The Aurora
Metro Exodus features journey on The Aurora locomotive. Pic credit: 4A Games

Metro Exodus is a story-driven, survival horror, first-person shooter that combines deadly combat and stealth exploration of a larger environment with scavenging and craft in the field so that you can customize your arsenal of hand-made weaponry and engage human and mutant foes in tactical combat.

Metro Exodus players have access to firearms and armor that can be modified or customized. The game has an elaborate scavenging/crafting system that replaces the bullet economy of the Moscow Metro featured in previous games.

The bullet economy, in which you used military-grade ammunition to purchase and upgrade weapons and other tools and kits you needed, does not operate outside Moscow. In Metro Exodus, players can use junk and scrap they pick up to craft new tools.

Unlike in previous games of the series where Artyom is allowed to upgrade weapons only at workstations, Metro Exodus players are now able to modify and customize their weapons in the field. You don’t have to buy upgrades. If you find a weapon you don’t want, you can remove the attachments and use them in a gun in your inventory, provided it is compatible.

You also have to perform regular maintenance to avoid a decline in damage power and accuracy of your weapons.

Metro Exodus players will encounter mutants already known from previous installments in the Metro video game series, and will also encounter new ones. Enemy behavior changes with the time of the day and the nature of the environment in which the encounter takes place. The story spans an entire year, meaning that players will encounter various climates.

Players will also be introduced to new game mechanics, including a map of each sandbox area spanning several kilometers, a Geiger counter, and binoculars that may be used for viewing the environment.

In Metro Exodus, you can avoid combat by holstering your gun while approaching potential enemies or by using stealth to bypass them. This means that players have a choice between lethal and non-lethal action in different situations in the course of play.

Actions you take now and how you treat NPCs you meet will determine how they respond to you later. If you attack members of a faction they will tend to be hostile to you later. But if you make peace with them during the first encounter, they may let you pass unmolested later.

Metro Exodus: System Requirement

Minimum system requirements

OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit

Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / AMD FX-8320

System Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: AMD R7 260X – Nvidia GTX 550 Ti 2GB.


DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 50 GB Hard drive space

DirectX 11 Compatible Graphics Card


Recommended system requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit

Processor: Intel Core i5 3rd Generation

System Memory: 16 GB RAM

Graphics: AMD R9 380X – Nvidia GTX 960 2 GB


DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 60+ GB available space

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