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Maximum Football 2019 gameplay trailer, release details: College football returns for PS4, Xbox One

The trailer for Maximum Football 2019 has arrived. Pic credit: Canuck Play/YouTube

Are you ready for some football – college style? The hype has been building for Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 release for quite some time, and now it’s triumphant return is just weeks away!

Gameplay trailer revealed

The long-awaited reveal for the 2019 Maximum Football trailer has arrived. A first look at the gameplay trailer reveals a ton of improvements to the game, along with the major companies who are chipping in on the effort to make Maximum Football a success.

Some of the upgrades Maximum Football is giving fans a sneak peek at include new higher quality player models and more animation options – especially at quarterback. New animations reportedly will give the QB more lifelike action on the field, including better throws on the run, more mobility, and the ability to have a right or left-handed option.

Football isn’t just about the big stars, it is also about the big guys in the trenches. While we all love to throw the ball downfield, Maximum Football has greatly improved its running game and lineman blocking abilities as well.

New bull-rush and the ability to shed blockers is also a big part of the upcoming 2019 Maximum Football release.

Maximum Football release date

So, when is Maximum Football hitting the shelves? An exact date is not being revealed, however, it is going to be in September. That we do know! As indicated in the trailer, Maximum Football 2019 is slated to be released for Xbox One and PS4 players this September.

With Doug Flutie in control, Wilson sports announcing that they will be providing the official football in the new release, and football guru Phil Steele lending a hand, this game should be great! Other licensed partners include Xenith, CFC, Phenom, and Mokom. For those of you who have been waiting for a college game to rival the pro version (Madden), your wait is almost over!

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