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Madden 20 update: Bo Jackson Ultimate Team card revealed with new MUT 10 challenges

Madden 20 revealed the first of 10 new MUT cards on Friday. Pic credit: EA Sports

Bo Jackson is back! Well not on the field of play, but Madden 20 is leading off its new MUT collection with the former Raiders star and the choice is already getting a great response from fans.

Bo knows 10th Anniversary MUT Team celebration

The 2019 season marks the 10th anniversary of the Madden Ultimate Team. Where does the time go? With the Madden series growing more popular each year, EA Sports is celebrating this milestone for the entire season.

Over each of the next 10 weeks, Madden 20 will by releasing one new MUT player. The release of each player will be for a limited time, so gamers will have to act fast. The first reveal, in case you haven’t guess it, is Bo Jackson!

Jackson was just an absolute beast on the field. He was so good in his prime, old school games like Tecmo Bowl made it so it was virtually impossible to catch him – and even if you did you couldn’t bring him down!

Sure, Jackson only played four seasons in the NFL, but one thing to keep in mind is that he never played a full 16-game season in his career. If he would have, he could have been one of the best to ever play the running back position.

Jackson averaged 5.4 yards per carry and he boasted three touchdown runs of 88 yards or longer! One of those touchdowns was arguably the most memorable run in NFL history, and it just happened to come on Monday Night Football. It is a shame that injuries cut Jackson’s career short, but the little time the NFL world had to see Bo Jackson play was better than no time at all.

Weekly challenges

Now that we know Madden 20 will reveal 10 new MUT players, what do gamers have to do to acquire them?  Madden players will have to complete a different weekly challenge that has been set up exclusively for that player.

When you complete the challenge, you will be rewarded with the Power Up item for that week’s player and a collectible item needed for the 10th-anniversary set. So, it is very important to complete each weekly challenge!

This week, Bo Jackson’s challenges are laid out for gamers. However, if you want to complete Jackson’s challenges, you better get to it.  Bo Jackson’s challenges will expire on August 26, at 10:20 a.m. ET.

Who will follow Bo? That is hard to tell. In fact, (via Jake Stein on Good Morning Madden) said the vow of silence for the 10 MUT player reveal is very strong. In other words, fans probably won’t get tipped off early on who is coming next!

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