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Madden 20 title update 1.09 details: How to install, time, size & what it fixes for the game

new madden 20 title update arrives to fix usability and stability issues
A new Madden 20 title update arrived from the EA developers as of August 14. Pic credit: EA Sports

The Madden NFL 20 game has been out under two weeks and as expected, there were early reports of issues. The brand new Madden 20 title update 1.09 arrived on August 14 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It addresses a number of issues plaguing the game right now, but not all of them.

These issues aren’t related to gameplay glitches necessarily but are meant to help particular modes in Madden NFL 20. Those modes include Franchise and Ultimate Team as well as the server disconnect issues going on. Here are the latest Madden 20 title update 1.09 details including how to install it and what it brings to the game.

How to install Madden 20 title update 1.09

For most gamers, installation of the new Madden 20 title update is as simple as turning on a game console. Most of them will automatically find the update if they’re connected to the internet via WiFi or ethernet. However, some gamers may need to go to the game itself and click on the “Options” button (PS4), then head to “Check for Updates” on the game.

It should find the latest update and you can go through the install. The notifications section on your console will show progress as it downloads, copies, and installs.

The update was around 96 gigabytes in size on the PlayStation 4. As far as install time, it will depend on your particular connection speed. It could be anywhere from 5-10 minutes all the way up to a half-hour for slower connections. Stay patient as plenty of gamers will be updating their Madden 20 today on the PS4 and Xbox One.

What does the Madden 20 title update 1.09 include?

The update screen on the Madden 20 game simply says “Stability improvements.” Based on the recent notes from EA, it addresses “stability and usability,” with particular attention towards global server disconnect issues.

The notes indicate “General stability, performance & connectivity improvements” but also said that additional fixes are “under investigation for future updates.” So gamers that continue to experience such issues should definitely file support tickets at EA’s website.

One of the updates in Franchise mode included a change to the Denver Broncos’ defensive playbook to incorporate their new coach Vic Fangio. Developers also fixed issues related to college overtime rules not being honored, or more than one OT session occurring in the “play the Moment” feature.

For Madden Ultimate Team, they fixed a number of issues. One of those fixes was for a glitch where X-Factor or Super Abilities weren’t available any longer after a gamer restarted or went to “Play the Next Challenge.” There’s also now a popup that will remind gamers to “Activate Superstar X-Factor” players in their lineup.

Apparently, EA developers are noticing a lot of gamers are not fully activating their specific players. Gamers can choose three X-Factor players on defense and three on offense.

Users were unable to link Wildcards that are part of a set in the Auction House, but this is now fixed as well. Based on the full Madden title update notes here, it appears that there will be another larger update coming at some point in the future. Stay tuned for that to address some of those crazy glitches in gameplay!