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Madden 20 college mode: Who are the 10 NCAA football teams in Face of the Franchise?

10 NCAA teams have been added to Madden 20. Pic credit: EA Sports

To get to the NFL, one has to go to college. Now, Madden 20 college mode is putting players to the test!

How good of a player do you think you can create from the ground up? In the latest version of the popular video game, Madden 20 is putting you in charge right from the start.

QB1 Face Franchise

The old expression “face of the franchise” has been around for decades. It refers to the best player on the team. In the case of the NFL, it is usually the quarterback.

Now Madden 20 is ready for you to walk a player that you create into the college ranks right through his pro career – every step of the way!

Your player will get a shot at dominating the NCAA playoffs, working out at the NFL combine, being selected in the NFL Draft and of course getting his shot at chasing down a Super Bowl title.

First things first. Which college will your player be heading to?

Which college teams can you play for in Madden 20?

So far Madden 20 only has 10 college teams to choose from to get your player headed in the right direction. The 10 teams are traditional or current powerhouses in the game today, so your QB should get to dominating right away!

Starting right off with the defending champion Clemson Tigers. The Tigers will be joined by LSU, Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma, Miami, Oregon, Texas Tech, Texas and USC. Not a bad lineup at all!

More teams very well could be added to the franchise mode in the future. In fact, odds are if the Face of the Franchise mode is popular, Madden 20 will likely add NCAA teams to the list.

Madden 20 was released on August 2 and can be played on PS4, Xbox One, and your PC.

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