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Is Roblox really adding refunds?

Is Roblox offering refunds or is it fake news? Pic credit: @Roblox/Twitter

On social media, Roblox players are getting excited about rumors that the game is adding refunds.

However, it is not true and it started with what was referred to as a mistake on TikTok.

Here is everything you need to know.

Is Roblox adding refunds?

At the moment, Roblox has no plans to add refunds to the game.

While people on social media are excited that they heard this is happening, they are listening to rumors and innuendo and not researching through the actual Roblox site.

If Roblox ever decides to add refunds, they will announce it in its terms of play, or at least through a public announcement.

The news wouldn’t come from a random TikTok user, which is where this rumor got its start.

roblox twitter post
Pic credit: @simplystrwberry/Twitter

According to one Twitter user, the entire incident was an “accident,” where a girl said on TikTok that Roblox was adding refunds but deleted it. Then, a post writing “Roblox is adding refunds” was meant to say “if Roblox added refunds.”

Then, another Twitter user said that Roblox is adding refunds and later in the comments said that Roblox announced it, but there was no announcement made at all by the company.

Pic credit: @bleubrii/Twitter

There is always the possibility Roblox could add refunds in the future, but the company will announce it and not random people on social media that like to spread rumors and innuendo.

Should Roblox add refunds?

Roblox, at this time, will not honor a request for a refund.

Instead, if a person doesn’t like the item they purchased, the company will say that they warned the user to try it on before completing the purchase and that all purchases are final.

When a purchase happens and the item does not function as it is supposed to, Roblox allows people to e-mail support, but even then, they don’t always allow refunds.

The biggest problem is that Roblox is a game played by a lot of kids who will run up bills on their parent’s mobile bills without thinking about it. This is how Roblox makes so much money as a company.

One father in the U.K. got his daughter Roblox using his debit card and then received a bill later for thousands.

In that rare case, possibly because of the publicity it picked up, Roblox refunded the money to the father. According to the father, his 11-year-old daughter assumed she was playing with “monopoly money” and didn’t think it was real money being charged.

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