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Is Happy Wheels shutting down in 2020? PewDiePie claims his beloved game is going away

Is Happy Wheels shutting down in 2020? PewDiePie reveals his beloved game is going away
PewDiePie reveals Happy Wheels is shutting down. Pic credit: PewDiePie/YouTube

Happy Wheels is a hugely popular game that fans will soon be unable to play anymore. As a matter of fact, the game is already unplayable for many people depending on which web browsers they use.

For fans who have played the game for years now, and for those who discovered it thanks to PewDiePie’s 77-episode Let’s Play series, this is a bad thing.

Edited (Jan. 26, 2020)Jim Bonacci, the creator of Happy Wheels revealed that PewDiePie was wrong and that the game is not going away, and on top of that, it is getting a new upgrade in javascript.

Hello friends. I probably should have made a news post about this a while ago, but surprises are nice I guess. There has been a javascript version of Happy Wheels in the works since early 2019. It will be out before Flash is murdered by Chrome. Was scheduled for this month actually, but I don’t see that happening so immediately. I probably didn’t want to tell anyone so nobody would ask me when it will be released.

A nice upgrade is that it will run at 60 fps (interpolated, physics will still be 30 fps). Unfortunately all older replays will be inaccurate though as Box2d will have been updated slightly. They’ll still be there for the sake of top records. If you somehow play the Flash version, they’ll function fine.

I’m not developing the port, but I hired a company who I thought was most capable. I’ll give more details once it’s up. I’m still solely working on the sequel (and it is going well).

Below is the unedited version of the original article:

Why is Happy Wheels shutting down?

Happy Wheels is shutting down and there is nothing the game makers can do about it.

The game is a ragdoll-based physics game that runs using Adobe Flash. The premise of the game is to get your character to the finish line without dying horribly.

Options for characters include a dad riding on a bike with his toddler, an old man in a wheelchair, a larger woman in a motorized shopping cart, and more. The entire game has dark humor behind it that made it extremely popular.

There have been five million levels created by gamers and over 13 billion people have played the game.

However, here is the problem. Adobe is suspending Flash, and this year, Adobe Flash will no longer work on any browser. Already, many programs, such as Pixlr, won’t work at all anymore, as Flash is ending.

Most modern websites use HTML5 with over 80 percent of all websites switching over to it.

Fans react to losing Happy Wheels

While fans don’t want to see beloved games from their past like Happy Wheels ending, technological progress wins out every time.

It was PewDiePie who let most people know the sad truth.

Here is his official YouTube video announcing the end of Happy Wheels:

Fans are in a panic now, and many want to at least preserve their user-submitted levels before they disappear for good.

Others lament the fact that not only is Happy Wheels shutting down, but so are many other childhood games due to the death of Adobe Flash.

Rest in peace Happy Wheels.

Shawn S. Lealos

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