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Fortnite Winterfest challenges: Where are the Frozen Loot locations in Fortnite?

fortnite loot locations in winterfest challenge
A look at one of the Frozen Loot locations in the Fortnite Winterfest challenge. Pic credit: The X-treme Guy/YouTube

When the holiday season rolls around, many video games get into the holiday spirit. That includes the highly popular Epic Games title, Fortnite, which is currently running a 14 Days of Christmas Winterfest event.

Many players are searching around for where the Frozen Loot locations are for the Fortnite Winterfest challenges. We’ve got some help right here to find those spots and complete the quests!

What is the Winterfest challenge for Frozen Loot?

When you’re in the lodge, you’ll be able to open up different presents inside. At one point, you’ll get to a stock that contains a Frozen Loot challenge.

inside the fortnite lodge stocking is a special winterfest challenge
The Fortnite Lodge contains all sorts of gifts and a stocking with a special challenge. Pic credit: Halobombtrooper Gaming/YouTube

This basically requires a very simple task. Go out and drop into the snowy island and find a large frozen cube. Inside of that is loot. You’ll need to open the cube and grab the loot. That’s all there is to it!

Fortnite Frozen Loot locations guide

As a preface, keep in mind that Frozen Loot spawns all over different parts of the map. Some gamers have reported them showing up at Dirty/Dusty Docks a lot. Other spots could include Risky Reels or Misty Meadows. There’s a tweet map below showing some of the other popular spawn spots for the Frozen Loot.

For one of the potential Fortnite Frozen Loot spots, you might try a drop down into the Misty Meadow area. Make sure to drop to the small island in the middle of the water. There’s a cabin and shed on it with several trees. As you get closer you’ll probably see small snowmen and then two large frozen cubes. You’ll need to bust those open in order to retrieve whatever loot is inside.

fortnite winterfest challenge with frozen loot cubes at misty meadows
A look at one of the possible Frozen Loot locations in Fortnite at Misty Meadows. Pic credit: Epic Games/Fortnite screencap

Use your pickaxe to bust open the cube to grab the loot inside. It could take a bit of time to break it apart. As a tip, if you have a lightsaber, that will work much quicker to break the cube apart.

There are two other spots within that part of the map with Frozen Loot. One is to the south from the island near where the small river opens into the larger body of water. The other is to the right of the island a bit below Retail Row.

You might also find Frozen Loot in Weeping Woods, Holly Hedges, Salt Springs, Frenzy Farm, and Pleasant Park. The map below shows red X marks for some of the popular spots to try in order to find that Frozen Loot in Fortnite.

Keep in mind you’ll only need to find one Frozen Loot area really and open up a cube to complete the challenge. The video below gives several other places to try out around the Fortnite map.

The Fortnite Winterfest event is running until January 6, based on leaks and different reports. So that gives a bit of time to get all those challenges completed and earn the available rewards!

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