Fortnite update offers new Mandalorian challenge and OP Burst Quad Launcher

A new Fortnite update introduced a Mandalorian challenge.
A new Fortnite update introduced a Mandalorian challenge. Pic credit: Epic Games

Fortnite had a new update today, and it has added something that all Star Wars fans can get into — a new Mandalorian challenge.

Chapter 2, Season 5 of Fortnite started late last year with the Mandalorian as the free skin included with the season’s Battle Pass, making it an immediate draw for Star Wars fans.

This followed a season with Marvel Comics characters, ending with a massive battle with Galactus that changed the entire map. Season 5 started with the Mandalorian and added other popular characters like Terminator, Sarah Connor, and the Predator.

Now, it looks like the Mandalorian will end up playing an even bigger role as the new season heats up.

Fortnite Mandalorian update

The big thing to note with this Fortnite update is that there is a new challenge called Mando’s Bounty.

The trailer, which you can see below, says you will either be a bounty hunter with specific targets or be the hunted.

In Mando’s Bounty, you’re part of the Bounty Hunters’ Guild, similar to Mando. You can work alone or as part of a team.

You receive bounties in the game to hunt down. Every bounty you take out earns you Galactic Credits. Whoever reaches the Credits goal wins the match.

If you take the lead, Mando comes after you.

If you win Mando’s Bounty, you win a new beskar umbrella, a Victory Umbrella with the Mandalorian Mudhorn signet on it.

This event only lasts until February 9, ending at 9 a.m. EST that morning.

Star Wars fans might also enjoy the fact that there is a new cantina to visit, which brings back memories of both Mos Eisley and the cantina Mando visits in The Mandalorian.

This cantina is located in the desert.

How to get new Fortnite Burst Quad Launcher

There is also a new OP exotic weapon in this Fortnite update. It is called the Burst Quad Launcher.

Basically, it shoots rockets like regular launchers, but it can shoot bursts of rockets. This is not an accurate weapon, but it does a lot of damage, dealing out 42 damages to players if it hits them.

Here is a look at the Fortnite Burst Quad Launcher in action:

Here is how you get the new Fortnite Burst Quad Launcher.

The person to find to get it is the Fishstick NPC, and since this is an exotic weapon, it won’t be easy to find. Once you find Fishstick, the Burst Quad Launcher will cost 600 Gold Bars.

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