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Fortnite ‘Think Back’ teaser: Is Dusty Depot coming back for Season 10?

fortnite dusty depot location before it was destroyed
A new Fortnite Season 10 teaser suggests that Dusty Depot could be making its return. Pic credit: Epic Games Fortnite

A new Fortnite Think Back teaser arrived for fans of the popular game to decipher ahead of Season 10. The newest teaser may have shown that a previous spot on the island, Dusty Depot, is coming back for the next season.

Here is a look at that teaser and some of the latest details that have been floating around ahead of the new Season 10.

Fortnite Think Back teaser for Season 10

During the big Fortnite World Cup solo event on Sunday, Epic revealed a brand new Fortnite Think Back teaser for the arrival of Season 10 on “8.1.2019.”

Check out the image below, which seems to hint that Dusty Depot is coming back to the game map.

The Dusty Depot was previously hit by a meteor during a season of the game. However, based on the teaser image above, it appears it may be rebuilt and back on the Fortnite maps for Season 10.

The image above also gives fans the date August 1, 2019 for the new season’s arrival.

Dusty Depot destroyed by comet for Season 4

Last year, the map-altering event occurred which wiped out Dusty Depot. Gamers saw a comet plummet down to the Fortnite island and destroy Dusty Depot.

It left behind a huge crater as well as some gravitational changes that players were testing out. It was renamed “Dusty Divot” and had lava inside it, so that makes things interesting as we move forward.

Check out the Season 4 trailer below which is when the big event occurred to shake things up and change the landscape.

That was six seasons ago, though, and now we’re heading toward Season 10 with Dusty Depot possibly coming back.

What will be inside the location now? Will it hold new items or some sort of secrets related to the tenth season? Many people are curious to find out what’s next.

Fortnite Season 9 recap, Dusty Depot’s return

In Season 9, there was a futuristic theme for Fortnite. A monster was seen swimming near the island and a bunch of drones arrived to build a robot.

The season eventually concluded with a huge battle taking place between the robot and the sea monster. The robot ultimately prevailed, destroying the monster with a sword before flying away.

The sword and monster’s corpse remained on the island.

Now, fans eagerly await the arrival of Season 10 to see if Dusty Depot has returned to Fortnite and what other new content may come with that. Based on the YouTube gamer’s comments in the video below, there could be some sort of time travel involved in the new season.

That would explain the return of Dusty Depot to the island.

The theories are already flying with days until the new season launches. Either way, it should be exciting to see what transpires on the Fortnite map.

As of Thursday, August 1, 2019, we should finally know if Dusty Depot is coming back or it was meant as something else!

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