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Fortnite Star Wars crash: Epic Games launcher not working for Rise of Skywalker clip, TIE Whisper Glider giveaway

fortnite star wars event brings problems for many gamers
Many gamers were unable to access the Fortnite Star Wars event on December 14. Pic credit: Fortnite/YouTube

It’s hard to ignore the popularity of Fortnite, but the popularity of Star Wars is on a whole other level. Combine the two, and it can lead to a Fortnite crash for many people. That’s exactly what happened on Saturday, December 14, as many gamers attempted to use the Fortnite game during the big Star Wars event.

A lot of people reported they were unable to access the game to participate. Luckily, Epic Games is giving a prize to all those who were unable to get in to see the event.

Fortnite Star Wars event brings issues

Several days ago, the Fortnite social media accounts began to promote their newest movie tie-in event. Ahead of the grand finale in the Star Wars series of films featuring the Skywalker family, Epic Games promised a major event inside their game. As with previous launches that involved pop culture tie-ins, it includes new skins, weapons, and other goodies.

Gamers were told the event’s launch included an exclusive clip from the Star Wars movie. Everyone who logged into the game to see the Fortnite Star Wars event launch and the exclusive clip would get a free TIE Whisper Glider to use in the game.

The event was scheduled to take place at 2 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday. Unfortunately, as with some of the other recent Fortnite events, popularity brought a huge crash.

According to IGN, the Epic Games launcher was suffering from issues with streamers and Twitter users unable to access the event or getting booted from it.

A number of members from the Fortnite community commented on the Fortnite Twitter post indicating that “the main event” had begun.

“Yeah about that,” one of the most popular replies said.

“I love this event! the whole idea of not being able to log in is so creative!,” another said.

“Canceling my sub as we speak, disappointment is an understatement,” another went as far to say, indicating they were going to cancel their Twitch subscription to the Fortnite channel.

Many others mentioned being unable to log in for the Fortnite Star Wars event with some people indicating that even those who could log in, couldn’t see the event.

Reportedly, the event featured players raised up into the air on a platform to watch as the Millennium Falcon flew all around the map. TIE fighters chased after the Falcon with Imperial star destroyers also arriving up above. The Falcon eventually landed, and then the in-game movie clip was introduced.

See the exclusive clip, Epic games to give free TIE Gliders

The exclusive clip that many people missed out on had Rey, Finn, and Poe racing around in an enemy ship after landing there with C3P0 and BB-8. The trio blasted two stormtroopers who tried to stop them. They were stopped in another hallway with two stormtroopers aiming their weapons at them, but Rey used a Jedi mind trick to convince them to give it a rest.

Here’s the clip in its entirety — which is under a minute:

Unfortunately, not everyone got to see that exclusive clip or any of the other in-game Star Wars launch exclusives.

Due to the problematic Fortnite Star Wars crash, Epic Games gave everyone an update on their Twitter page. The good news is they will be giving out those TIE Whisper Gliders, free of charge, to all gamers.

Whether or not that is enough to keep some gamers happy, remains to be seen, but at the very least Epic Games is doing something to make up for the crash.

In addition to the TIE Whisper Glider, other new items for the Fortnite Star Wars event included new challenges for gamers to participate in with different rewards.

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