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Fortnite sea monster: Video shows creature swimming in water with Polar Peak castle

fortnite sea creature seen carrying polar peak castle
Footage of Fortnite’s curious sea monster carrying part of the castle through the water has surfaced. Pic credit: SinX6/YouTube

As Fortnite Season 9 is underway, some gamers have spotted a mysterious sea creature lurking in the water. The Fortnite sea monster has mostly been seen swimming around near the island.

Video footage has also arrived for those who have yet to experience the new creature within the game and theories are circulating about its meaning.

Fortnite sea creature video arrives

Gamers spotted the sea monster swimming in the vicinity of Frosty Flights, among other areas. In the Fortnite video below, it shows off what the gamer describes as “Polar Peak sea monster.”

It’s seen carrying a castle around on its back through the waters.

People are already describing the creature as a “rare sight” within the game, but it has shown up nearby the island. It also came about after another recent event in the game.

As Season 8 was ending, there was a huge molten rock that flew down and hit Polar Peak mountain. That caused a chain reaction of melting ice.

Ultimately, it revealed a giant eye within the ice that was staring out at players nearby.

That castle atop Polar Peak disappeared last week and a hole was left in its place. Now gamers are seeing where the castle has gone or is generally going. It’s been on something’s back swimming around in the water.

What is the Fortnite sea monster’s purpose?

Most gamers are putting out theories as to what the meaning of the sea creature in the Fortnite waters is. A lot of people expect this will be in conjunction with the next big in-game event.

Previous Fortnite events have tied in with popular movies such as the Avengers films.

There was also The Reaper skin in the game that brought up John Wick Fortnite comparisons. It ultimately brought action hero John Wick into the game based on Keanu Reeves’ movie character.

The latest event has a lot of gamers speculating that maybe this sea monster will end up being Godzilla. After all, the iconic movie monster returned for Godzilla: King of the Monsters just recently on the big screen.

In that movie, (spoiler alert) Godzilla and other monsters were unleashed after being frozen in ice. Smart money is on Godzilla, but there’s also King Ghidorah.

So far, the Fortnite sea monster has yet to cause any serious damage or destruction. However, gamers are likely to be keeping a careful lookout for it to reveal its purpose in Fortnite. Sooner or later, it’s bound to surface!

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