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Fortnite patch notes 9.20 reveal Storm Flip weapon, big Hunting Rifle update

new fortnite storm flip weapon in game
Fortnite: Battle Royale added a new weapon called Storm Flip in the latest update 9.20 patch. Pic credit: Epic Games/YouTube

The latest Fortnite patch notes 9.20 arrived on Thursday, bringing a brand new weapon into the game, and eliminating another.

Gamers are now checking out the newest entry in the weapon arsenal known as the Storm Flip. Additionally, they are saying goodbye to a previous weapon, but for good reason.

Fortnite patch 9.20 introduces Storm Flip

The newest Fortnite weapon available with 9.20 is known as the Storm Flip. This is an item that players can throw. It explodes to create a “sphere-shaped zone.” That sphere creates a “safe zone” wherever it overlaps a storm, but creates a “storm zone” where it overlaps the safe zone.

It all lasts for 20 seconds before dissipating. Check out the YouTube video below for more details on the item.

With the Storm Flip, players will inflict similar damage as the in-game storm does. It creates an interesting new strategic device to employ into your fights. Only one of these can be held at a time.

So where do you find the Fortnite Storm Flip? They’re available in Epic rarity. Look in chests, vending machines, or through the floor loot to find this new item.

By the way, Fortnite also mentioned there will be “more ways to channel the storm in future updates,” so stay tuned for that.

Fortnite removes Hunting Rifles, other updates

The Fortnite patch notes 9.20 also revealed the removal of the Hunting rifle from the game. The developers believed it was a great weapon for its time but mentioned it is now “outclassed by the Infantry Rifle.” 

Additionally, there are other Sniper Rifles available in the game, so it makes the Hunting Rifle obsolete.

It’s a sad day for those who came to love the weapon. Some gamers are already bidding farewell to the Hunting Rifle in their video highlight clips.

The new Fortnite patch update 9.20 was massive in terms of the overall scope of changes. The new Storm Flip’s arrival and Hunting Rifle’s removal are among the biggest changes.

They also made updates to the UI, gameplay, mobile, and added or tweaked many other aspects of the popular game.

The new Fortnite patch update 9.20 is available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices. Check out the full notes here at Epic Games.

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