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Fortnite Battle Pass: How to get Deadpool’s skin now Chapter 2, Season 2 has arrived

A still from Fortnite trailer
Deadpool made a surprise appearance at the end of the trailer. Pic credit: Fortnite/ YouTube

We’re getting a Deadpool skin. That’s right, with the arrival of Fortnite battle pass Chapter 2 Season 2, Epic Games surprised everybody by revealing Deadpool at the end of their newly released trailer.

Following a long delay, it looks like our patience has been rewarded. The new battle pass is packed full of loads of rewards, and some of the best skins we’ve seen in a long time.

The new skins all have really cool customization options and special bonus powers.

What’s really exciting, though, is the prospect of another Marvel/Fortnite crossover with us getting access to the Deadpool skin.

But you can’t get it traditionally; he’s not on any of the tiers. He is currently hiding in the filthiest of places, but there is a way to get to him.

So, how do you get Deadpool’s skin?

First things first, refresh the battle pass menu; once you’ve done that go to just above and to the right of the challenges table in the middle, and you’ll find a little vent with an interaction icon above, click on it.

You’ll find Wade Wilson’s secret hovel/lair, which is a bathroom with a computer in it. Log onto the computer (this only works for Battle Pass owners), and you’ll receive several hidden challenges.

The first of these challenges is to find Deadpool’s letter to Epic Games. If you’ve done that, you can exit the computer screen to enjoy the crazed ramblings of Wade.

Return to the computer for the next challenge, which is NOT to thank the bus driver when jumping from the battle bus. Who knows what he’s done to deserve such uncouth behavior, but that’s what we gotta do.

And that’s it; you’ve got the Deadpool skin.

A Marvel crossover isn’t a huge surprise

As mentioned above, Deadpool isn’t the first Marvel character to cross over into Fortnite’s world as we previously got to enjoy playing as Thanos in the MCU crossover mode.

Also, the Avengers made their way into the battle royale game in Season 10.

The new theme for this season’s battle pass is that secret agents have taken over the island. Its a variation of last season’s Faction concept.

You unlock a set of secret agents and assign them a faction as you complete various missions.

We can expect further challenges to be opened up for the Deadpool skin as we continue along. Needless to say, some people online are very excited about the prospect.

At the end of last year, Fortnite got into the holiday spirit with a 14 Days of Christmas Winterfest event, which involved hunting for frozen loot locations, it was all very festive.

Epic Games have not been without their problems though, as just before Christmas Fortnite Star Wars crashed.

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